ive been trying to figure this out for a while...

Discussion in 'General' started by cantstopwontsto, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. I used to be kinda pudgy and then over the past year and half ive worked hard to eat right and get in great shape... The prob is i love smoking pot and of course munchies comes with that...

    I heard that when your high your body burns up sugar 4 times as fast.. Does your metabolism also speed up? Like if i eat a shitload of fattening foods is my body gonna burn it up cuz im high, or will i start getting a belly?? I dont mean to sound like a bitch or anything, Its just that i worked hard to get the body that I have and id like to maintain it.

    Id really appreciate it if someone could give me some facts about this topic. Thanks
  2. you work out high?? I go to the gym with my friend for about 2 hours a day and we work out intensely... I feel like if i were high I would lose all motivation and wanna leave the gym
  3. ive heard smoking weed really helps the metabolism, but im not sure.

    that was why we get munchies and burnout i heard, because the weed sped the metabolism, which inturn burnt way more energy way faster, so we needed to replenish it by eating/sleeping.

    All i know is that i started smoking weed in grade 8. in grade 7 i was 5'3'' and 155lbs. by the end of grade 9 i was 5'10'' 140 lbs.

    i didnt work out at all, didnt change my diet, or anything.

    im not sure if weed had anything to do with it, i mean, puberty was probably the main player there, but damn, it seemed to do the trick nicely???
  4. smoking pot can slightly increase your metabolism and a few old studies show that on test subjects, those who were pot smokers generally had a lower body mass index than their non smoking counterparts.....

    but if you over do it on the munchies this can be reversed very easily...weed increases metabolic rates...junk food doesnt....
  5. thanks alot you guys have been really helpful
  6. concur, though i haven't tried it... i only started working out early this year, so i do most of it at home and i'm a little limited (still have bench bar dumbbells though), but i seriously doubt i could push myself to the limit with wallsquats (weightless exercise, if anybody's ever tried them - i'm sure squats are better but i don't have a rack, probably similarly strenuous) if i was high and responding more basely to negative impulses

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