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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by adamBC, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. ok, think about ALOT of stuff thats gone on way back in history.

    The pyramids of Egypt, the Aztecs, Mayans. The statues of Easter Island, Stone Hendge (sp?)

    all these are very mysterious. all done with technology that we are unaware of. all of these civilizations of old have the same burial believes that a person can live again in some sort of afterlife, somehow revived possibly...

    they also all have a strong belief in people, one or many, that came from the sky. "Suns of the Son" the mayans called them. These people gave them the arts, mathematics, writing, language, they built the people, and then left. In ALL cases they said they would come back.

    the mayans had an AMAZINGLY accurate calendar, and could make calculations up to 4,000,000,000, and had up to 5 places of decimal (.0000) their pyramids were build VERY specific. a certain number of steps finished every certain number of years.

    All this seems to lead to one thing... it would seem life on earth begin with aliens... some outisde, extraterrestrial, human-like creatures that came to our planet with a previous found society and knowledge. they gave us some hints, and left us to fend for ourselves...

    i dunno. maybe im crazy... but i think our civilizations started out with either aliens, OR, ive often pondered the possibility of humans from the future, that have already come back in time, and build these things and started a new culture themselves, altering history, and eliminating the future???

    theres no way to tell anyone has ever gone back in time... which leads me to my next post... hahah... anyways... maybe i think to much.
  2. There's another way to look at this, all of these people lived in relatively static civilizations that (aside from war applications) used the same tools and techniques for long periods of time. It could simply be that after years of doing the same things they discovered the best possible ways of doing them. For example perhaps someone discovered that if done perfectly and consistantly you can make about 456 steps every year (or however many it actually was). They then used religion to enforce these techniques.

    In any case, I believe in the power of humanity above all others myself, and I didn't have to meet aliens to do it.
  3. has anyone read the book.. i think it's called Chariots of Gold... definetly Chariots of something.

    it's all about how human civilisation could have been kick started by an alien race. they came along and gave us all the things that come with civilisation...

    obviously these visitors would be interpreted as gods though.

    i think it sounds very plausible actually.
  4. hahah, i knew someone would bring that up.

    I have it sitting in my bathroom right now ;)
  5. I think people's minds were more one with the earth you could say, more like the animals. So we had instinct and higher thinking. We no longer have instinct because we have created this "advanced world" to make things easier for us, yet we need to learn so much to live in it.

    But its not so bad people, really! Yeah sure we don't know the mysteries of life, but hey, we traded it for online porn!
  6. All of these theories are all well and good. Perhaps aliens did indeed come to earth millenia ago and teach ancient civilisations all the skills they would need to create an enduring civilisation based upon technology, the freedom of personal truth and human respect.... however, if this is indeed true I tend to consider this act of benevolence as an act of war because if the technology of the alien civilisation supporting early human endevours was indeed so powerful, they would have easily forseen the introduction of POP IDOL onto our TV screens... truly an act of war from a destructive force. Kill the alien scum.
  7. Try this one on for size... A fish swimming around, happy as can be. Schools of fish, plants, totally great environment. Pure water, perfect for life... Now, the camera pulls out and the kicker? It's a fishbowl.

    Apply to the human race...

    Us, living quite happily on the planet, just chillin'. Now, camera zooms out... we're a giant ant farm thrown in some kid's closet and forgotten...

    Welcome to what I think about at 3 AM when I can't sleep. :)

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