I've been thinking about getting back into Guitar...

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  1. Well, I was at Guitar Center earlier this afternoon after dropping my brother off at the airport and decided to check out the Acoustic Room and strum away on some different models. Let me be the first to say, this is not my first time doing this as I've had an enormous love affair with the guitar for some time and always wanted to dedicate time to learning to play... but never got around to it.

    It seems times have changed.

    With the next six months being solely dedicated to work, I find myself in the market for picking up the Axe once again, if you will, and dedicating some time to it. I have an old Squier Stratocaster (Who doesn't, right?) that I can clean up, restring and perhaps dedicate a few dollars to putting better receivers on it for solely practicing with electric, but I could use some assistance in picking up a decent Acoustic Guitar to start off with that will at least carry me into the Intermediate playing realm without being forced to upgrade. (For the record... upgrading and being forced to upgrade are two entirely different stories... Heh) Cost is not necessarily an issue, so long as it sits under the $500 mark and is worth the investment. After getting one or two models down that seem promising, I'll head over to Guitar Center once again (perhaps later on this evening) and check them out.

    Beyond the guitar itself, a few resources for refreshing my memory on the process wouldn't be bad at all either. I'm not interested in the very low level basics, really, as I'm already familiar with most of them, however anything that relates to music theory, useful chords, technique, equipment, etc. would be extremely helpful. These can be online, in a book store, library, it doesn't matter to me.

    I appreciate any help given, believe me!!

  2. check out takamine's g series acousitic/electric.. i want to get back into guitar as well and my friend owned one of these back when we used to play together.

    i can still hear the harmonics that guitar produced. well worth the money!
  3. hey man, since you can help me with photo, I could probally help you with this...

    definatly re string that squire, since that should be done atleast once a month anyways, and get a tuner... that will allow you to learn lots of stuff since there a little bit easier to play than an acoustic guitar..

    if you think you'll be playing that squire for awhile, you may want to upgrade the pick ups like you said. you can get a good pick up (I would replace the bridge one) for about a 100.. if you fall in love with playing electric I would look into effect pedals, maybe a multi effect one that can be a load of fun, I own a RP250 and I can get basicly any sound I want, including an acoustic setting that sound amazing through a good amp..

    I dont own an acoustic, plan on it one day, it will probally be a fender, or a gibson..

    good luck dude, guitar is amazing, takes years to learn but worth it..
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    It's funny 'cause it's true... :p

    Yes, I too have an old Squier... I'd say I'm at an intermediate level. I need to work more on finger agility. I spent too much time on chords because for ages I could just not do a bar chord... I got it down though. That felt good to achieve. Even if it's a small feat. :D

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