Ive been stung!!

Discussion in 'General' started by :::===={XX}, Jan 25, 2004.

  1. Mother fucking wasps they got me.

    Here I sit in pain. I went outside to help mum with somthing and they started to attack full swarm like 4. I have never got my shirt off quicker. I was stung 5 times on the back of my shoulders now my back has gone kind of numb. Ice is good.
  2. that sucks man, i havent been stung by a bee in years (knocks on wood). hopefully i didnt jus curse myself.
  3. Yea that sucks ass man. My friends have me on video tape getting stung by a bee when I was in Jr High school(just coincidence, we were skating). You hear me yell like "AHHH FUCK!!" and then you see me rip my shirt off real quick. Not quite 5 stings though, just 1 on my shoulder. Smoke some greens to ease the pains.
  4. On my first day of secondary school, didnt know any1 on my bus, I sat down at the end of the day and WHAM! stung on the arse by one of those little fuckers!

  5. hehe that just reminded me of a funny story. One time while chillin behind this pizza place after we smoked I placed my lit cigarette butt on my friends skateboard right before he sat down. like 3 seconds later he jumps up and yell "AH I just got stung by a bee in the ass." Then he looked at his skateboard and saw the smushed cig. He was pissed so he scorched my leg with his cigarette. It was only fair so I let that go.
  6. i still remember the first time i got stung, really young in like first school, my head was itching so i went to scrath it BAM my habd was suddenly in pain, wasp flys off my head. that really sucked lol,

    i STILL dont scrath my head without like shaking it first, god knows how many years its been, get stung alot tho lol
  7. i was putting a roof on my house about 2 years ago, i was halfway up the ladder and one stung me in the outside of the eye, in that little crease right next to my eye, almost got it, while that happened one stung me inside my ear, those were the most painful, and another time was when i was about 9 or 10, in our shed there was a nest of bees and i figured water would kill them, next thing i know i have a bucket of water baloons and am whipping them at the nest... i ran out of there so fast!!! only got me once tho
  8. first and only time i've been stung by bees i got stung 16 times. Steped on a underground nest when I was 5 or so, and I was so scared and in pain I couldn't move so I kept getting stung until someone came and picked me up... that sucked :p
  9. When I was 4 or 5, I got stung by wasps 7 times on my back. It was horrible. It was at a family thing and they all went straight for me and I was running but they got me. It was like bullets taking me down. I fell to the ground and just screamed. I remember my Daddy putting his cure-all lotion on my back and it started feeling better immediately. *(I was still in pain once the stuff wore off, though)

    Wasps scare the hell out of me now. Bees don't really bother me. I've been stung by them. The pain of a wasp is more intense.

    I hope you're all better, :::===={XX}. :)
  10. Yeah im fine it wasnt that bad but I have never got me shirt off that fast. Ice was the only thing I could think of to ease the sting it worked great took my mind of the sting thats for sure.

    The stings are itchy now
  11. I've never been stung by a bees, but a wasp got me a few years ago. I was playing baseball and apparently some wasps had built a nest inside the cinderblocks that made up the dugout. One just came out and made a bee line (no pun intended) for me. Before I had a chance to move it got me on the lip. That sucked.
  12. When I went to California we had a HUGE family reunion thing...Well all my cousins and shit we went up hiking and we smoked a big blunt up there...Well I'm from the south and we only have wasps....So I saw this Bee hive but there werent any around really....I went up to take a picture and it was on a ledge....Well a small mudslide beneth my feet happened and I slide and my arm knocked the bee hive....Well the bee hive broke open and started to sting the shit outta me...294 stings and I will always remember that number...I had to be rushed to the hospital and was put under critical condition for 72hour watch....It sucked...The doctors said "thats truely a miracle..." Well now I get back at the fuckers because their stings dont hurt anymore...Some weird thing happend where they just dont swell or bubble up...I feel them sting and its just a little prick...but nothing big...Anyway I guess I deserved it lol...

    ps..After the 72 hour watch...my dad came in(hes a huge joker) with a whinny the pooh bear with a bee hive stuck on his head...He wouldnt stop making fun of me lol...Lol so whenever we go to disney or have a big family thing...he always brings up honey...and whinny the pooh...
  13. wow some crazy bee/wasp stories man... 294 times?!?!?

    i been stung by a sand wasp or whatever those things are that dig holes in the sandbox and shit. hurt a bit, nothin to cry about though.

    i got stung by a bee on my palm once, but i had really callousy hands (lotta swinging on monkey bars will do that) and i didnt even feel it. i looked at my hand and there's this bee just stuck on my callous. i just kinda whipped my hand and flung the bee off. sucker didnt even penetrate all the way thru my skin hehe

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