I've Been Robbed!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by peace=love, May 31, 2006.

  1. I get pissed off if anyone ever calls me a "Hippie" "Druggie" "Stoner" or "Pothead". I smoke weed and if you all of a sudden want to start calling me a drug addict im going to hurt you, badly.

    Anyways, about your situation i think it should be done stealthy. Dont fuck with a mans car, comon the car didnt do anything to you. Dont hurt a harmless animal either. Dress all in black and rob him. Break into his house or apartment and take whatever you want. Park a truck or car outside and just go crazy. If he wakes up either beat the living fuck out of him and continue robbing or put a knife to his throat and tell him to sit and stay haha. When your done, pour bleach all over his carpets and furniture. Gallons worth

  2. good one Satanic Smoke. I guess i won't get my money back without beating his ass. so far, a lot of dealers are pissed cuz of the cituation, so that is good news. in the mean time, im going to wait to spring my 'peaceful' attack and buy some more herb so i can break even. once i do i think ill put sugar in his gas tank. it sux, but when i think of it, the dude physically took my money with the intention of making it his. so eventually his ass is grass, prob not by me, but by somone else.
  3. to OP : your the kind of person that will always be someones bitch, no one will ever take you seirously.

    me on the other hand, if that happene dto me, they would have found pieces of his body in suitcases in the pacific
  4. No offense, but u need to grow some balls and kick this fucking dirtbags ass

  5. Dude, how close is this friend of yours that was gonna pick up the bud? Another possibility is that your friend took your money and, either picked up the bud without any hassle and made up a story so you wouldn't get any, or he just took your money and made up a story. Are you 100% sure that this dealer was f*cking with you and robbed your friends money and your money?!

    That would totally suck if your friend made all that shit up to jack your money.

  6. No they wouldn't.

    But yeah this dude does seem like a bitch...
  7. Yeah maybe your boy made up the story, and really just split it 50/50 with your hard ass dealer. I was thinking that the whole time. Just because I've had lame ass friends like that. Never did it to me, but to someone close to me.

    But anyway, hope you get your cheddar back. Split dome(s).
  8. Yeah dude, i mean, your friends know your a bitch more than anyone else, so im sure they would be first to try to rip you off, befores some douch could do it first..
  9. I was thinkning the same thing but it dounds like this was one of his closest friends

  10. Yeah man just beat the crap out of your boy instead.

    Hahaha no dont do that unless you know he took your fu*king money.
  11. Have you talked to the hispanic yet?
  12. I never got robbed (only got some fake weed when i was a young smoker:) ) but my friends did.One bought 350 somthing euro and other 1 about 150 and they never saw anything for like a month and he kept saying yea yea i'l get it.Now the guys arrested (that'l teach him) and he told all the names of is buyers and dealers.So when he gets out it's not looking good for him:)
  13. If you take this dry, you're letting everyone know your a bitch. You don't allow someone to steal $500 from you then sit on your hands. Atleast your friend knows whats going on.
  14. sugar in the gastank doesnt work well, if you really want to fuck it, pour a few of those big bottles of mountain dew into his gas tank.
  15. Try not to be offended by this post but I'll give it to you straight:

    The guy probably said give me your money and I'll go get it then just never came back. You prob don't have enough cred or don't know anybody to be buying a quarter lb which is why he prob thought he could jack you. You have 2 options:

    1) Let it pass and lose $500 and have it happen again
    2) Beat the living shit out of him and take whatever he has on him

    Once these people know they can take advantage of you they'll do it again... Oh yeah if he's in a gang and you don't know anybody I'd go with option 1 if I were you, just don't buy from him anymore.
  16. Round up a couple of your black friends, tell them you'll smoke 'em the fuck out if they give you some muscle. :cool:
  17. Well, I have 2 stories to include with this one:
    The largest dealer in my area went out of town on some "business" and told some of his close friends to watch his house. Those friends decided to go to the supermarket, and when they got back, the dealer's bedroom was all fucked up. When the dealer got home, he noticed he was missing his safe, containing $30k worth of money. Let's just say, some people got shot.

    I know this coke dealer who likes to rip everyone, including his friends, off. He'll short anyone's bag without a second thought. He made the mistake of shorting a bunch of black dudes in Philadelphia, and they were pissed. They waited for him to walk outside of the bar, and they then proceeded to beat his ass with baseball bats until he was unconsious.

    Now, onto your dilemma. I'd say crack some skulls. You aren't gaining any respect by letting this dude rip you off. You need to make him respect you and your money. Give it a week or so, so he isn't expecting it, and wait for him to come outside of his house one night. Show him how the [SIZE=-1]Louisville Slugger tastes if he doesn't pay up. & don't let him go back inside.[/SIZE]
  18. My buddys guy was buying a Half pound of dank off some mexicans, but for some reason they wouldn't let them see the buds before hand, and wouldn't let them leave without buying, they ended up with crappy mids.
  19. Me and my friends beat up a few Mexicano's this weekend. At aftergrad were all out camping and drinking very very heavily and smoking a bunch of weed and we were wrestling for tap outs and its all good then this mexican (just though he was native but he made it clear he wasn't) wants a smoke so my buddy said he'll give him one if he wrestles and the first time my buddy wins then the second time the mexican peice of shit (being a mexican he needs to play it cheap) starts to headbut my buddy. So my buddy pushes him off and gives him a haybailer to the mouth. Then he's argueing how he punched him and then we start to fight and he wanders off and says were all dead.

    Shows up an hour later with 7 other mexican (we all are laughin our asses off and lobing beer bottles at them as they all walk up (G-unit in the bush seems kinda funy). Long story short we got more hurt wrestling then by these guys because we just tooled them, beer might make you less acurate but one good shot with beer muscle behind it will fuck someone up.

    Don't have anything against mexicans but the first little group of mexicans i've seen up here played cheap (live up to the steriotype) but in a fair fight our drunk and stoned asses whopt theirs.

    Get some of your buddies that've never seen that guy before (and probably will never again) to jump him and just shit kick him without sayign a word that might tell him what for, he'll just htinkit was a shady deal of some other competator. I actually knew someone who did that for a living, if you got ripped off bad of beat up or just hated someone you could pay this ex pro boxer to go work someone over, more money the worse they got it.
  20. never had it happen but upon getting shorted almost 8 grams on an ounce once I promptly told the dude he had a few choices

    cough up the cash for the short
    cough up the shorted shit
    never do biz again and expect it to be collected some way or another

    he chose to cough up the short no need for cheesy solo mission lingo or wannabe hardass shit

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