I've Been Robbed!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by peace=love, May 31, 2006.

  1. The pet idea is retarted, and wait a week before retaliation...

  2. then that fool should get his ass beat
  3. my friend and his friend were buyin some a 10 pack of beans from this black chick for $200 and they gave her the money and she left and never came back or gave them their money. I think $100 was this one girls that wanted half the pack so now my friend and his friend have to pay her back because my friend gave her is drivers license to hold onto. oh, well my friend deserves it because he already owes alot of money to alot of people. Dealers runnin off with buyers money is shady and its such bullshit. Hopefully this dude will get a bad rep and be known as a shitty dealer. Also why did your friend give him the money without gettin the bud at the same time. If someone has to be fronted the money to go get the bud then they shouldnt be dealers in the first place.

  4. we knew this cat, so my friend figured that it would be ok. obviously not, shaddy fucka.
  5. If someone hurt my pets I'd kill there family in front of them, no joke.
  6. in my town crime stoppers pays $1000 for turning in drug dealers and other people, probalyy not the best way to do it but u could make and extra $500 that way
  7. Yea dude i know your feeling, me and a buddy got jacked $260. We were supposed to get 3 oz's of Jack Herer and Freddy Croogers Worse Nightmare from the med center, but the guy "Got Arrested" on the way to pick it up. He made the mistake of giving me his business card where he works at a car dealership with all his information and shit. So i left him a few messages on his office phone that got his attention. He called me back the next day apologizing telling me the story, telling me how he might be going to jail, and saying that he will find a way to somehow pay me back.

    I was going to attempt to get my money back, but this guy is a ghost. IMPOSSIBLE to track down, and is seen like once in a blue moon. Not to mention he's training for the UFC. So all in all i was glad for him to call back and apologize, and if i dont see any bud or money within the next week, ill be paying him a visit at work :)
  8. Damn man that blows. I personally don't know if I'd use violence though especially if you're slinging as well. Violence towards him will only lead to more violence back at you. Tell everyone not to buy from him.

    A kid I know got three ounces of Blueberry stolen out of his desk in his room at HOME while he was at high school. He's a nice kid whose family doesn't have a lot of money at all. He helps out his parents with finances and whatnot because of what he brings in selling pot.

    He had to pay up to a ghetto dude in the Chi that fronted it too, luckily the ghetto dude was cool about it and only made him pay $500 when he owed $800 or so for the three zips he hadn't sold yet. Sucks too cause that was some bomb crop too, and he felt bad about not getting people their bud. I told him not to f'ing worry about people he sells to...and worry about his problem. But that's just the kind of person he is, unselfish and always thinking of others.
  9. I'd definitely confront the guy and offer him a chance to pay up. But, if he couldn't magically pull 500 cash out of his ass, I'd have to fuck him up.

    Just below the point where he's so dazed from fists to the skull that he cant even remember why hes got a guy punching his head in the first place. It just wouldn't feel complete until then.
  10. dont be violent, just catch him somewhere and knock him out (ok a little violent). tie him up, put a gag in his mouth, and tell him if he doesent have you reimbursed that youll tie an anchor to him and toss him in a river. then when he DOES pay you back, toss him in the river anyways for wucking with you. fuck him, if he would have robbed me like that, you can bet his house would have been burned down with him in it.
  11. i rarely resort to violence.

    i haven't even hit a person in at least 6 years....but i also have never had anyone try to screw me in a deal.

    i'm even a forgiving guy too, but if someone robbed me in a deal i would either beat the shit out of them or fuck their car up really well.

    i just don't get people's mentalities when they rob people doing a deal. do they think i'm not going to do everything i can to get that money back? i mean this is illegal as it is, so you can't involve the police. i can blow up your car and there really isn't anything you can do about it, unless you want a bunch of pigs at your place asking everyone questions and snooping around.

    and in response to your situation. ^^^you need to grab one of those and take a walk over to his house with a few buddies. you don't even need to hit him with it, just scare the shit out of him.
  12. I got jacked for an eighth one time at a party by a mexican guy. I had my sack on the counter while my friend was rolling a blunt and he took it. We found out it was him and beat the hell out of him in the street in front of the house. You should have seen how bloody this dude was. It was unbelievable.
  13. what a prick.

    i'm sorry, but people who steal from other people like that have to learn not to try stupid shit like that. i've known kids who are the first person to look for when someone says, "hey where's my dad's stereo system?" or, "hey where'd my bud go?"

    they learn a lesson if you just whoop their ass
  14. don't even hesitate man. ive seen people get stabbed over 10 dollars. u need to be ruthless in the drug game man. im talkin get 10 people crammed into a car with bats and go fuking find that guy. its the only way u can possibly get youre money back. a thiefs a thief dont listen to SHIT they have to say. beet his ass into the hospital. i got jacked for 300 by a CRACK HEAD once. i got it back.
  15. I hate when people pull shit like that. I don't condone violence unless its necessary. You do something to him that eveyone will know about and people wont try to fuck you over on a deal. Or you can run up on his house with couple of your boys rob him of his dope and all his money.
  16. What is with hippies and fucking up cars?
  17. To the OP: if violence is out of the question, then so is getting your money back.
  18. Grab some buddies (maybe a bat for intimidation if you want), roll up on him and grab his ass and throw him in your car. Intimidate the fuck out of him and rob him, maybe throw a couple licks. Then, you take his cell phone and drive his ass waaaaay out and leave him there. That part is what makes it.
  19. :confused: so confused.

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