ive been jacked

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  1. some fucker found my grow and snipped 80% of the colas on my 2 most developed plants

    as well as a few others from less mature plants. the 2 most developed were 8-12 days from being finished

    I have 9 other big plants in the ground that will need to be moved as well as 2 in pots and 2 at a backup spot.

    these other two are too mutilated to survive a transplant. Ill let the remains of their branches mature for another week or so and hope the theif doesnt return before that

    unfourtunately the two hit hardest were my favorite plants and the only I had of those strains

    Hawaiian skunk# 1 and early misty

    what remains are white widow and nyc deisel

    this happened yesterday afternoon at some point.
    I went out to my spot to cover the colas with bags so they wouldnt break off in the rain

    When I saw the remains my stomach dropped out and I felt sick

    It pouring right now, 3 rd day in row after 5 weeks of no rain.

    I plan to transplant them tommo and the day after when It sunny ( my grow is in a swamp) when it rains gettin to it is a trick and moving 7 ft tall plants would be tough.

    As long as I dig up enough root ball they should be fine in the transplant

    Ive moved plants like this to my backup spot and they are thriving

    they are pretty far along in flowering though

    its just such a fucking rotten situation

    I could tell the person was in a rush, leaving a main cola broken and hanging from the plant I doubt he'll return soon......he took almost all of the mature buds anyways

    he took what would have matured into 12-18 oz of dry weight
  2. Dude, I feel ya. You spent your entire 8 months on your girls.

    Let look at the bright side, you still got more girls. Maybe you should set a hunting camera up somewhere :p
  3. Ive often thought of this, tho it seems useless.

    Sure, you can catch who did it. but if you go to them, 1 your outing yourself as a grower, and 2 your risking them getting upset, and doing god knows what. you know?
  4. thing is I know who gave away the location of my spot. he told someone who told someone who jacked me.

    its too complicated to explain the whole story

    basically, a kid who I trusted fucked up, didnt intentionally do this, but fucked up

    Id jump the kid but then id have to worry about watching my back all the time.

    its just not worth it.

    Im surely arming myself whenever Im out there, and if someone comes out thats not a cop....well...they wont remember what I look like anyways

    I thought about a game camera too but I think it would be a waste.

    my favorite 2 plants, since april 1st, mutilated.
  5. If there on your property, that's just shitty, but if it's just some random spot, I would do the same if I found plants..... And he probly doesnt know there special strains or anything, he was just like OMG WEED!!!
  6. wow that suckss. Atleast you still got the widow & diesel.
  7. that is pretty gay id be so pissed off. but what can ya do? better luck next year friend
  8. Trust Nobody!!! That's one of the grower's golden rules.
  9. At least you get to find out who did it. It might be one of your friend, or some fucker from next door. I guess all you can do is to stop hanging out with them.

    Eh...It seem like hunting camera is the must if you're growing more than 20-10000 plants. Because cops ain't gonna pull them all out, they're going to watch that area hardcore. I'm sure those commercial growers figured why shouldn't they catch them before po-po do?
  10. Its usefull for peace of mind man, i get what your saying haha.

    But, really... what can you do?

    I say find a better place, but thats been said.

    Least ya got something left you know?
  11. why would you tell any one about your grow? you have to teach them a lesson...take fingers starting with the pinky... i use bolt cutters...you have to gag them if there is any way some one will hear their screams...have no mercy

    P S you should tie a torniquet on the fingers before you cut to keep the mess to a minimum
  12. did you tell anyone bout the grow i told some people about my first grow ever and it was stolen
  13. and its really gay not being able to show people cause not alot can grow some good buds. but gotta keep it shut for sure otherwise something may happen or your just gonna worry your ass off the whole time
  14. im willing to guess that it was just some drunk kid wandering about in the woods who just fell into your spot then looked up and shit himself with disbelief. this is the point at which he got up and as quickly as possable broke off the biggest buds that his stupor would allow him to see and then bounded off through the woods towards home with an armfull of big, sticky buds. he heard a deer and thats why he left one of the buds hanging. i have an idea.... LANDMINES!!!!
  15. Ouch man that blows. Sorry for your loss.

  16. Now you seem like a evil heroine dealer that wants his 7 bucks back from a spot of a $10 hit.

  17. eh, they are probably trying to smoke some wet ass buds right now. Idiots. Least you know, unless they know what they are doing, that those people will doubtlfully get any enjoyment out of your product.

  18. i have no empathy for thieves
    especially if they steal from me
    i will torture a ripper for weeks like in "house of a 1000 corpses"
    if thats evil so be it...
  19. exactly the buds will probably rot or mold unless they are trimmed and aired really quick

    I trimmed the bud he left......

    droooollll:(.... each bud is sooo large and crystally

    he took soooo muchh

    I just hope none of the babies are damaged in the moving and re plant

    any suggestions for digging up and moving 7 ft tall 160 days old plants?!?!
  20. You gotta suppress that urge to tell someone man.

    As for the transplanting goes its completely possible I had two 5 foot plants in the ground durring flowering I dug em up put em in rubbermaids watered the dirt well and had absolutely no problem they didn't even notice! and they went on to grow me some nice budds.

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