I've been in this god awful unforgiving city for too long.

Discussion in 'General' started by rainbowsunshine, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Three days... undisclosed amount of cash... and enough mind altering substances to kill an elephant.... and now I am ready to go home.

    I hate Minneapolis. It is a unbearable.
  2. Sounds like you had a good time?
  3. From what I recall I had fun, but I have exceeded my time limit, and need to return home.
  4. yeah, I hear it's colder than a witch's tit up in those northern states
  5. so....what are you doing posting on grasscity if you have to go home??

    not to sound like a dick but......i just dont get some of the threads that are posted these days....would you care to elaborate more on this "vacation" of yours?

  6. word. i'm sorry, but i just don't care about your every thought...
  7. and i love getting the negative rep from posting my opinion, i wasn't being a dick, i just wanted to state that THREADS should just contain a little more substance......i'm sure rainbowsunshine is perfectly capable of sparking my interests with just a little bit more information.
  8. Seriously lol
    Who are you to say what what threads should and shouldn't have? Forum literally mean
    Public meeting or assembly for open discussion
    Everybody is entitled (rules permitting) to basically discuss W/E they choose. yes your entitled to your opinion just adding my own 2cents
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    Grasscity is becoming another facebook :rolleyes:

    Not that it hasn't for a long time now, but hey man someone's gotta post all this repetitive shit in all these repetitive threads, eh? Yes im THAT guy. Go ahead -rep me for it.

    /Starts thread about what he had for breakfast
  10. man I love the twin cities lol but Duluth is way more chill that is for sure lol.

    I think if both cities were considered one they could be like the fourth biggest city in the US maybe third I don't remember. You can do or find anything in the cities....ANYTHING with the right amount of money, so I am sure you had one hell of a time lol.

  11. ok thank you....and we're all entitled to our own opinions.....and i would sit here and explain to you how a forum with 4 word posts and topics with little relevance are boring....but I just picked up an 1/8th of kush and a pack of dutches...so i have better things to do lol......peace and love
  12. id love to hear your story about your weekend, being a native of saint paul i can officially say fuck minneapolis.

  13. I mean, he posted his opinion, which I can agree with. This thread was going no where, had no real point, and wasn't open for any sort of discussion.

    Shouldn't have been negged rep, but that just goes to show about how people take shit these days..
  14. Why dont ya like it?
  15. i jus dont like the 612
  16. oh I see what ya mean I thought you meant both cities lol. I guess that answer will have to do then :)
  17. when i read the title i thought you were speaking of THIS city!
    damn...glad i was wrong.

    sorry that your stay at minneapolis wasnt pleasing. /=

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