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  1. Me and 4 friends are driving to Toronto in December. I would rather go to Vancouver, but I live in Michigan and it's just too much of a drive and too much money right now. I've searched a bunch of threads on all 6 pages of search results. I'm going to try not to ask the same questions everyone else asks. I know where some cool head shops are (Kensington Market area). I know roughly the cheapest hotels are around $80 a night. I know some cool bars and good places to eat, as well as where to get some microbrewed beer (I was told the Liquor Control Board of Ontario would have some good obscure stuff). Going to try to get some weed while I'm there maybe...not sure where to smoke it though. I'm sure smoking in the hotel room would be a bad idea...and I have no experience "stealth smoking" at all since I've never needed to.

    We'll probably only stay for a weekend since I won't have much money with gas, food, and hotel expenses. Plus weed if I can find it without too much trouble (legally and otherwise), and find some decent stuff.

    Should be a fun time. So I'm going to try to have this thread be different than the tons of others and say, what else should I know? Any suggestions on what to do while I'm in town?

    Bars/Clubs that have been mentioned to me:

    Mod Club
    System Sound Bar
    The Guvernment

    I've been told I should visit the CN tower as well.
  2. If your over 19, Guvernment is a sick club to check out, just cause of the drinks, and because bands do live gigs there.

    Some sick clubs to party at (raving) are:
    The Big Bop on queen
    Opera House

    Those are some pretty nice rave spots, but the best ones are underground (warehouses, under bridges, etc.)

    Heres a nice site to check out for raves

    Its mostly raves in toronto and the area. if your staying til the 30th i highly recommend checking out the final fantasy rave saturday-sunday, admission is pretty steep, but its gonna be bomb
  3. theres a club ultra in pittsburgh too... imagine that
  4. I've smoked in many, many hotel rooms. Towel the door and open a window. :)
  5. Are you looking for clubs or like...bars/pubs? I won't be able to help you out with dancey clubs, but anything else, I'd be happy to suggest a couple!

    In any case, check out The Horseshoe Tavern on Queen St., it's pretty legendary. Hell, check out anything on Queen, actually...the whole street is nice. The Friendly Stranger (http://www.friendlystranger.com) is there and definitely worth a trip inside!
  6. We'll probably be leaving on the 15th so that'd be a no go on the FF rave. I'll be 21 by the time we go, so getting into any place shouldn't be a problem. Thanks for the suggestions.

    Ok sounds good lol. :smoking:

    Clubs like bars/pubs yeah. I get around by wheelchair n' cane so dancing isn't really my thing. Thanks.
  7. Even if you do not want to smoke in the room, just go to the bathroom with a towel under the door, ceiling fan on and your set.
  8. I've smoked out so many hotel rooms its not funny.

    But not in Canada.

    Sounds fun.
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  10. If you're thinking of buying liquor over there, I'd highly suggest buying the max amount you can take across the border in the U.S. Liquor is a lot more expensive in Canada than the U.S.
  11. Thanks. Not too into sports but I might catch em anyway just because I can. Once I actually get up in Canada I'll probably make another thread or PM some of the users in here if I have specific questions.

    I've heard the weed laws are lax, but I checked it out online and it seems like they're just as bad as in the US. Does it depend on where you are? I know BC is stoner friendly. I know that seems to be the main question asked in these kinds of threads, so I was going to avoid it, but I have to ask just to be sure.

    I've seen people say bad things about both the Hot Box Cafe and Kindred, so I might just avoid those places.

    Well I would bring beer along with, but the whole point of getting beer up there is to get stuff I can't get here. New beers to try...I'm an enthusiast. :D
  12. god, so have we lmao :wave:
  13. Yeah, the laws are still very gray.

    Basically, you can no longer be legally convicted of possession, because of precedent. Although, the laws still exist and you can still technically be arrested and charged for posession.

    Enforcement changes depending on where you are. Personally, in Toronto, I've been able to smoke a bong and wave at a police officer at the same time. In Toronto the enforcement is very slim for possession.

    In fact, just this past summer I went to a smoking protest that took place in the middle of the day, at a city park just across from the municipal police headquarters. About 250 people showed up, all of which were openly smoking. There was only one police officer present for the entire thing, who ended up sitting on a park bench and just blankly staring at us.

    They have some kind of unwritten policy to "not bother". I really did this attitude, it's a very healthy symbol of change in Canadian Cannabis Culture.

    More Legal information: http://thepotlawhasfallen.ca/

    Well to be honest, I'm probably one of those people. I've had some great experience and had some bad experiences. Since either of the Cafes (or Vapor Central) will be in the areas you're checking it out, it might be worth your time.

    I mean, it might end up being a bust, it can be, but it could also be a great time. It's definitely worth while to check out, especially if you're from out of town.

    Anyways, I hope you enjoy your trip. Take care!
  14. The FF rave is tomorrow btw, its your descision tho
  15. Wasn't there a dude in Canada who would kill people by feeding them through a wood chipper and then make pies out of them?
  16. Yeah

    But that was in B.C.

    In Toronto, you just have to deal with Bernardo
  17. They sell people pies over here in London, really close to Toronto!

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