I've been elected class president.

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  1. I would just like to say yesterday I was announced Senior class president at my school. Just more evidence that marijuana does not intefere with success. I smoke a blunt everyday before school, and I don't think I could have done it with out it. :hello:
  2. congratulations my man! good news! If I knew you I would roll an oowop with ya.
  3. No offense...

    But the school elections are all a popularity contest.

  4. Yeah. This.
  5. Third'd.
  6. Well, obvi your boy here is popular!
  7. Lol I know, that's the funny part, because I'm not all that cool. Kid's voted for me because they liked the fact that I smoked and was smart. Unfortunetly, some people still don't know about that combination.
  8. Congrats man!
    Hell I remember when I got student of the month my sophmore year.
    No drunk ever did.
  9. You should do some cool shit and not be a bullshit president.
  10. dude who cares im still more powerful
  11. This is your chance, change the world!
  12. Awesome, this will hopefully help spread awareness to a few minds in your school that smoking weed isn't some horrible thing.
  13. Haha congrats! Good job. I hate the whole "Stoners are stupid and lazy" thing. Maybe the stoners THEY know are stupid but I know plenty of educated people who smoke a lot and some on a daily basis. Isn't it funny that I smoke on weekends and I have a B average in math (my WORST subject) and I'm one of like the 4 people passing that class? I'm sure the other people there don't smoke. I'm not saying all stoners are smart and I know I can't go high to class but if that statement was true wouldn't I be one of the people failing right now? Anyways, keep up the good work! :)

  14. Stoners are popular. This is news?
  15. LEGALIZE IT!!!...that shit would be awesome if u found like a loop hole and you could....dreams...
  16. Congrats when you resign smoke a blunt in front of your class .
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    one of my good buddies was the class Valedictorian. Graduation night we got drunk and smoked some blunts together. He's at Harvard now.
  18. dont mean shit if its just a popularity contest that shit looks hella good on a college application
  19. Congratulations. The biggest achievements I achieved in high school were student of the month and Biggest Flirt. Unfortunately, I wasn't awarded Biggest Flirt in the year book because the school system fucked me up the ass. Hard.:mad:
  20. Try and get weed decriminalized on campus...:rolleyes:

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