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I've been busted hard...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by StickyIckyWeed, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. So the day has come, I've been busted hard. My grandma found my stash and that stupid ... called the god damn drug cops. No joke...

    I'm just trying to keep calm, but it's kinda hard. The only thing that got me busted was some hash. Nothing else like papes, grinder, etc. This is bad news... I probably have to take piss tests and I'm far from clean.

    I knew she found it as well. Let me tell you a story... So when I got up this morning I went to the shower like ever other morning and when I was done showering I thought I better put my stash in a better spot (It was laying under my PC) so I went back to my room, but I couldn't find it. Time ran out so I had to go to school. Then it was bugging me all day that I didn't know where it was and obviously my grandma was in my room and was snooping around when I was showering. Then when I finally get back it's dinner time right away so I sat down for dinner and looked for clues about my stash. Seeing how my grandma is acting and all that and I notice something ain't quite right. So I'm thinking, fuck I'm busted. And I was. She said "Since I never lie, but you probably already know it, I found some narcotics in your room." I acted cool and asked her what she's talking about, but I was busted already. She then said she had called the narcotics cops and said that I'd hear from them soon.

    So now I'm just figuring out what the best way to deal with this is... I'm thinking no traces, be honest without saying straight out I smoke. And if I got to take piss tests then what can I do? I'm busted...

    So what should I do blades? I seriously need some advice here.

    My grandma found my stash, called the cops on me, I'm trying to remain clam, but not sure what to do. Wanna help out?
  2. Deny deny deny. If the narcs do call you, act like you're clueless.

    And don't forget. Snitches get stitches. Take care of granny.
  3. If they haven't arrived yet make your nan tell you where she put the weed and flush it or something. Or move everything into her room, pretend like it was you who called the cops and that all the pot is making her mental, you'd never smoke drugs, your a good boy!

  4. Are you for real? Should I deny it? A piss test will get me no matter what. Also I'm under child welfare (Even thought I'm over 18) and they can do just about what ever they want so a piss test is almost guaranteed. I would NEVER snitch either.
  5. If they do turn up tell them its grandma's weed ;)
  6. I feel like trying to help you feel better, however the fact that I just posted a thread about me almost getting busted with a q of pot would probably just make you feel worse...
  7. couple scenarios here...

    one: your busted that really sucks and I hate it for you

    two: you never hear from the "narcotics cops" and for some reason that hash your grandma found just doesn't turn back up :rolleyes: :smoking:

  8. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  9. Number two scenario has already happened before. She's dead serious about it. She called... I just don't think this is fair... ONE FUCKING slip and it was enough... I always say "smoke smart and you won't get caught" and I always do smoke smart besides this one fucking time...
  10. If she did that's so fucked up i would tell her your fuckin disowned bitch go find a new grandson.

    P.S. - I'm pretty sure hash is a felony.

  11. I know, man. I always trusted her and she does this shit to me? I've tried telling her multiple times why it's not bad and shit, but she won't fucking listen.
  12. Time to move out methinks.

    Start leaving brochures around for old folks homes, she might change her ways :devious:
  13. Well in my eyes there is no reason family should call the cops and ruin another family members record therefore making it harder for them to get a job, loan, house, ect.

    People are so ignorant.

    Tell her if your not going to even try and understand me i dont want you in my life so peace bitch and leave, go anywhere just start walkin man.

    Your 18 she cant do shit about it.
  14. [quote name='"StickyIckyWeed"']

    Number two scenario has already happened before. She's dead serious about it. She called... I just don't think this is fair... ONE FUCKING slip and it was enough... I always say "smoke smart and you won't get caught" and I always do smoke smart besides this one fucking time...[/quote]

    Wait, I'm confused. Has this happened before (since you said scenario two already happened), or is this the first time she's ever found anything illegal of yours in her house ("just ONE FUCKING slip")

    Elaborate! Also, stay positive
  15. People in that age group just don't understand, they have lived too many years of having the idea of weed being bad drilled into their head. Just hope no one shows up or that shes lying.
  16. assuming your 18; maybe it's time to beat your feet out the door and down the road.
    if no cops by now, i assume you're clear there. the hash isn't in your possession at the moment, denial is possible -- THC positive piss or not. You can't be busted for piss unless you're already on probation/parole.
    but you sound more like a young kid living at grandma's house because mom couldn't take his shit anymore. sorry to throw it out there if it's not the case. seems most of these threads come from 10th graders. run away and hustle yourself for money on the streets. you can do all the drugs you want between takes while doing gay porn. Because I understand, you just COULDN'T stop smoking weed while living under her roof, eating her food, etc. You have principles for fuck sake.
  17. I am seeing so many threads these days about getting "busted" or "rolled" when the person was caught by a family member. You shall know proper bustage one day
  18. my pants get tight every time i see Apu's signature.
  19. Same thing happened to my friend yesterday his mom called the cops and they arrested him cause he admitted it was his, do not tell them anything!!!! If they keep asking say you want a laser you do not have to tell them anything cuz if you do they will charge you
  20. You do realize you have the right to refuse just about anything. I didn't read the whole thread, but just deny it. If she took it, you don't have any. How in the hell can they do anything to you if you don't have any weed?

    And once again, just deny everything.

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