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i've become addicted...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Zylark, Oct 16, 2003.

  1. sorry for not posting much the last month or so, but i really haven't had the time. you see, i've become addicted to something far worse than mere weed, and there is no escape in the immidiate future :/

    not that i have stopped smoking the herb, far from it, but my current addiction eats up all my free time like nobody's business and my interest in anything other than my addiction have dwindled as i get pulled further into it.

    you see, i'm a battlefield 1942 wreck. all my online presence for the last month or so have been centered around shooting people. and the bastards just keep sending me more stash. only last week, the forgotten hope mod was released. and it rocks in so many ways that i can't even start to describe it. not to mention the forthcoming phillipines map that is due around now together with the 1.5 patch...

    it has gotten so bad, that i can even enjoy myself just watching others play, shaking my head in their utter talent-lessness or cheer for the few really good players out there. i almost always do this. scout out a servers players, checking who's good, and who's a smacktard. mentally noting the ones it will be a pleasure to hit in the face with a single shot from my colt handgun whilst they try to hit me with their entire clip of submachinegunfire, and shooting a bazooka round up the ass of the next spawnraper that rolls his sherman into camp.

    yes, it's all good. in a few more weeks of practice, i'll be practically untouchable. except from those friggin planes that got this nasty habit of bombing my Panzer. goddamned pilot shitheads. but the glee after i shoot down one of those morons with my tanks maingun is indescribable.

    which reminds me, i gotta take my Panzer IV out for a spin, so see ya' all later :)
  2. good game, I've always been a cs man myself
  3. panzers? bah i got straight for the king tiger others i head out on foot, but for russia i love the katyusha cause me and my buddy did alot of practice in it we can reign hell with it.

    cs? i havent played it for awhile but my fav gun is the m4a1colt carbine i love to snipe with that thing on dust2 and italy.

    ya soo stoned now better go :p
  4. lol, well, at least its not crack
  5. oh man that game is carefull though, video game addiction is a serious thing from what i hear on the news all the time. I work in the video game industry i see it all the time, grown men in their 30's so addicted to video games they never did anything with their lives they are single half of them still living with their parents video game junkies, its sad.

    I remember when i got laid off from one of my jobs i would play battlefield all day long, that game is hella fun. Defintally addictive too. I know a few people who are in the credits of that game , i cant wait for battlefield vietnam
  6. That's bullshit, there would be men in their 30s living with their parents doing nothing with or without video games. That's just a good way to spend time.
  7. well, i've always been a computer-junkie. nothing new there. and i am in my very early thirties. actually, i'm excactly 30. single, naturally. allthough that changes every now and again for shorter or longer periods. but who in their right mind would want to live with their parents at thirty. i moved out the second i had the chance when i was 18, to a different city even. get as much distance as practically possible :)

    the thing is, i haven't been so much into a game ever. sure i spent an eternity with the civilization and simcity series. and elite/frontier in the old days. but that was a few hours a day, tops. with bf1942, provided i'm not working, i can sit from the wee hours in the morning till i drop at night. just blasting away. the funny thing is, i'm not that huge a fps gamer either. i've always been more into "serious" titles. sims and strategy. but this game just blows me away. and with realism mods, like forgotten hope, it gets even better.

    maybe part of the lure is that i've always been a WW2 nut, and this does to an extent put you "in the war" so to speak. but there is more. there is the teamplay, the clan. the strategies and tactics we develop. and we'll soon re-enter the european bf1942 ladder aiming for the top. the clan also gives it a welcoming social aspect.

    ah, the joy of showing n00bs who's king of the server (hehe) and getting veterans to think twice before they engage yours truly in a shootout.

    frankly, i'm not *that* good yet, but getting there. and on the bright side, i've got loadsa' work coming up these next two weeks, so i will be experiencing the real world some then :D

    in the mean time, you can find me on quakenet, #esf.clan

    edit: brian wrote -- panzers? bah i got straight for the king tiger others i head out on foot, but for russia i love the katyusha cause me and my buddy did alot of practice in it we can reign hell with it --

    uhm. no kingtiger in battlefield. the fh mod will feature one in a later release. as for the tiger in the game, it's (in my opinion) useless. it's slow, have a long reload time and bounces like its suspension was made out of jello making it impossible to aim unless standing still in a defensive position. bsides, all the other tanks can run circles around it. you and me head to head, you in a tiger, me in my PzIV or T34 i guarantee you i win every time.

    the katyusha though rocks. seriously cool when you have a good scout feeding you targets. a truly devastating piece of artillery :)
  8. i used to be addicted to Everquest...i played it for about 3 i pretty much play PS2 or CS sometimes.
  9. CS, the new 1.6 steam client for it is good, DOD, is also good....any FPS is fine with me CS is the best

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