ive always wanted to make one of thsoe weed rating threads.

Discussion in 'General' started by jonahm, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. haha so i will.

    i dont really have a picture but its some of the dankest stuff shown on here.

    i dont know the strain either haha im pretty sure it was medical

    flavore7... it yhad a very earthy flavor, and quite a bite, pretty harsh.

    look-9... was very beautiful, i got it broken up already though, so i didnt see it in bud form but it was all crustally shit.

    hmm what else is theree

    oh yeah smell... 8- very lemony spice, very verrrry potent.

    i just finished smoking the last of it, and wow can i say this is a sativa. my head is fucking crazy right now.

    damn i think the xanax i took last night lowered the feeling of highness cause i had the same stuff last night plus xana and i wasnt nearly as high.

    well i smoked out of a pipe yesterday today and today i was hittin the boooong
  2. Damn,
    send me some.
  3. got me some more of that northern haze, at least i think that's what it is. looks a little different. no matter it's very dank. 8.75
  4. nice.
  5. I've never really gotten certain strains..
    I've just gotten weed, you know.
    Or never knew the strain.
    How do you get good strains?
  6. Most of the time when people tell me strain this or strain that, I don't listen and don't really care. For all I know, they could be talking out of their ass, and what does it matter anyway?

    Now, this one girl I knew, she'd always just call it "weed" and it was always something to write home about. I mean she'd have the purpliest of purps and the crystaliest of crystals and she would never even call it chronic or dank, it'd just be "weed". So, on the very rare occasion that she called it "Trainwreck" or "AK47" or the like, I trusted that the weed indeed went by the name it carried.

  7. it's club weed. got it from a friend with a card. that's how yah know.

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