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  1. anywhere online besides boro offer itza?
  2. :confused: wow and i was just on there fucking site....

    thanks bro lol
  3. anywhere else with a better selection?
  4. contact them for custom

  5. Just look in the gallery on the Itza website to see everything they make. Not just what's in the store. And like DarkCloud said, you can contact them about even more specifics. Great bunch of guys at the Itza camp, I'm sure they'll be helpful to you.

  6. I plan on meeting them soon.

    Im gonna get their gridded A/C at the end of may, and hit up there shop to put some custom work on it.

    IM so fucking excited
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    great bunch of guys is truth
  8. love my itza circ bubbler
  9. Next bong:
    Mobius Glassworks
  10. itza > mobius ALL DAY

    thank you for all the help guys...i think i will be contacting them for a on the lookout!
  11. itza fixed stem tube with a mobiujs a/c

  12. Everytime I go into my LHS I "jizz in my pants" looking at those damned Itza's.

    That A/C shall be mine!
  13. Itza is the shit. I have one of their circ/13's, a mini 7/8 and circ bubbler. I should do a family shot, they're all sexy.
  14. Yeah get that family portrait on here!
  15. is the circ on your circ - 13 gridded?

  16. please do ^_^
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    It's not gridded. Doesn't really need it, it hits crazy good. I usually use my 2011BC AC with it, which is a 48 grid. Anyways, i snapped a couple pictures:




    From left to right,

    Itza mini circ bub with Jop chicken slide
    Itza circ/13 tube with worked 2011BC AC and Ben Wilson DD slide
    Itza mini 7/8 tube with Luke Wilson DD slide

    It's my day off, time to use the circ/13 :) :) :)
  18. Oh and the mini tube is AWESOME. I would really recommend one if you can find one. I got it for dirty cheap and it hits VERY well for what it is. I actually preferred it over the other two when i first got it.

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