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  1. paypal money just went through yesterday morning and still no contact on when my Order is getting shipped anyone know how long it took them to ship out orders? this is my first high end glass piece so Im dying to hit it...
    please no comments on toro vs. itza
  2. Toro vs. Itza GO!!!

    Edit - I say wait one more day, if nothing then contact them.
  3. yeah that's what I was thinking just wait one more day then email em
  4. emailed them yesterday and still no reply or even the package on my doorstep Im getting worried I obviously know itza glass doesn't scam people but WTF!?!? how can I get ahold of them to figure out where my bong is or if they even sent it yet
  5. dont worry, they have tons of things to deal with and the website sales is a small part of their business,im sure they will send it out but it takes a few days, and now its the weekend so i wouldn't expect them to return a email sent yesterday until monday or tuesday. Did you try calling them?
  6. basically the paypal money went through on the 17 I ordered it on the 12 and it's not even custom
  7. Damn, I was expecting some pics when I opened this thread. Post them up when the tube comes in! Smoke Happy :smoke:
  8. just because it isnt custom doesnt mean that they have that particular tube in stock... give em a week tops and if you still dont have it blow their phone up.
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    hahah I will trust me Im itching to smoke that tube

  10. same, cant wait to see it.
  11. after I grab this I hope to get a 8arm ashcatcher with removable mouthpiece and a vapor globe and still gotta learn how to make bho hash XD
  12. Yeah I always loved the look of the circ on the bottom, always looks sick. I hate waiting for glass, keep yourself occupied, smoke a different rig :smoke:
  13. You are gonna love it. I own one myself and it's such a smooth hitter, and it rips BIG. Have fun with it. And POST PICTURES!!!!
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    you get yours at a headshop? or the online shop for itza glass?
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    Why wouldn't you go on their website and get the number first thing???? It literally took me 5 seconds to get you their number. I just searched Itza glass on google and it was seriously the first thing that popped up. Not trying to be a dick but wtf is happening with our society these days. I see stuff like this so much. People can't think for themselves now or what? I am not a genius but if I needed to figure out why my order wasn't here yet from a place my first inclination would be to call them up. That's just me. Maybe I am old school lol

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    I feel yah was planing on calling them tomorrow XD just thought they would reply to email lol. I'll post pics and milk vid asap
  17. looking forward to seeing it
  18. WTB pics in this thread, PST.
  19. Its like driving 30 miles to buy something at a store.

    Then getting to the store, and finding out that its not instock and they have to order it.

    Then you yell and scream at them that you just drove 30 miles and they dont have it.

    then the person goes "you could have called"

    I got my itza from "daze" in baldwin. A single chamber shower head, and its very well made. So your going to be very very happy with your purchase. But next time, check their website, they tell you all the local distributers that carry their pieces. Well Im assuming you live on long island.

    Did you actually pay 575 for it? cause if you did, thats a shame. Cause a head shop will always give you a marked down price.

    As much as I love my tube, it was in no way shape or form worth the 350 itza sells it for.

    If I can, I want to re-sell mine, and get a circ to 8 arm.

    I actually just got one of their first gridded a/c's for 150.

    I havent posted it yet, but I will soon. Gonna make a nice new thread for my A/C and my GC tube when it arrives.

    Cant wait to see milks when you get your piece man!
  20. I live in Chicago so the closest place is in Madison wisconsin and I really didn't feel like driving out there but now I regret it for waiting so long for them to send it out to me atleast after today im gunna call them and see what's going on with my piece

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