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  1. I have had my library deleted numerous times due to shit updates, and when I go to recover it from the Backup I just made.....Oh guess what its worthless unless you bought all of your songs on ITunes.

    There is no way in hell I am paying 5000 dollars to fill up my Ipod with songs. So Im stuck with downloading every single song all over again and transferring everything over, which takes hours of course.

    Not only that, but if you buy a new Ipod and want to transfer your library, guess what? You had better bought every single song on Itunes or else.....yep you guessed it, manually download every damn song again.

    My next mp3 player won't be an Ipod because I can go without all the fancy apps and touch screen stuff. Apple is basically locking customers down with all their proprietary bullshit , almost as bad as microsoft.

    Sorry if this didn't make much sense, it's a rant I know, but I just can't stand using the software anymore. Anyone else feel the same way?

    P.S. Im sad that Songbird dropped linux support. I was happy not dealing with windows or itunes for that matter and now Im back to relying on them :(
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    I hear ya, man. I used a 5th Gen iPod (classic) at one point. After five years of already accumulating music, and already losing a lot of it by a botched system reformat, I made damn sure iTunes didn't manage the files. I HATE iTunes file organization with a passion but I'll admit it has one of the more robust music file info systems I've seen.

    What's worse than Songbird dropping Linux support in 1.7.2 is that they already dropped iPod support in 1.3. I still have a 2nd Gen Shuffle (got it free with my college ring, good for exercise) and even in 1.3 it would only register the Shuffle after I fussed with the installation a half-dozen times, only to not be registered after a couple connects. I managed to find a small and simple track manager for the shuffle that works after a straightforward file transfer.

    I ended up getting a Zune 120 only because I don't like that most music players are switching to flash-based memory because it would fill a 30GB player with no room for a few videos. The Zune software isn't too bad but I'll change to something else once there's good update support. I didn't like that Creative discontinued the Zen Vision and didn't put out an update.
  3. They need some sort of open source friendly music player that can use any program to transfer files. Rhythmbox is ok for linux but its just too simple. Unfortunately we're stuck with Itunes or Windows Media Player for most MP3 players.

    I also had a sony music player that used sonicstage or something like that. Wasn't too great either. Most mp3 players out now are pretty awesome, they just need to get the software right.

    Yea and I was bummed when I plugged my Ipod into songbird and it didn't work anymore....twas a sad day
  4. I refuse to update my itunes due to this fact alone. I have had all my songs lost once and Im never gonna let that shit happen again. I really need to get a back up drive though, just in case. Fucking Vista...:mad:
  5. Most apple products are awful, itunes is just another very good reason not to our anything from their terrible range.

    Having itunes, Bonjour and itunes helper running just to put music on your player is a joke, a bad joke. Now I have a fake ipod, just drag and drop files to it and much cheaper but best of all, no crappy itunes junk anymore :smoke:
  6. I am kind of confused... I have never had any music lost due to an update of any sort? I have no problem putting non itunes bought music on the new ipods either?
  7. Kinda old school but I still use WinAmp. It's basic, yet still has equalizers, pre-amp, etc etc.

    It also has a function where you can add a toolbar directly into your Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browser so you can change your songs without minimizing your window. For me that is a huge plus over iTunes.

    I understand you have to use it with your iPod, but if it were my decision I would just buy a generic mp3 with a screen on it, had a ton of them before and never had a problem with 1 of them. Another plus side (you may not have this problem, skateboarding used to play a large role in my life) if it breaks, your only out $20-$50 bucks over the $100+ you would have spend on an iPod.

    Whatever you decide to do, good luck!
  8. Itunes doesnt actually store your songs. Whatever program you are using to download your music puts them all nicely in a folder on your compy. If an update clears your itunes list...just point itunes back to said folder.

    Me thinks a lot of people must have a crapload of duplicate songs.

    ....a quick look on iTunes and I cant even use the program to permanently delete a file.
  9. I recently lost my itunes library. I got the music back, but some of the songs have wierd names now, and all the playlists are gone. I wish I could use my iPhone to Restore my itunes library but I don't want to buy the software :p. Last time I bought a software like that, it renamed all of the songs and a bunch of other annoying problems.

    I do not sync my iPhone now because my iPhone still has the playlists.

    This is after updating itunes btw. Even the "Previous Library's" were deleted.
  10. It sounds like you're just a noob.
  11. No hes just using crappy software. Its not his fault
  12. If you hate I tunes, give Media Monkey a try to manage music on your iPod. Better interface, better orginizational options, downloads tags and album covers from Amazon's music database, it just doesn't do video very well.
  13. I haven't experienced any of his problems and I've been using iTunes for 9 years.
  14. I had this happen a couple times with my old PC, not now though.
  15. I use winamp because I experience problems like that every time I open it
  16. Well, sucks for you lol. It works fine for me.
  17. Only when I want music on my Iphone. It always turns into a 5 hour long ordeal
  18. Either you are exaggerating a ton (which is the more likely answer) or you suck with computers. Really, man. iTunes aint too bad at all.
  19. Actually Im pretty good. Which is why Apple doesnt work with me well. Im trying to get what I want done, and its always trying to do all these different things.

    Example. I want to put some music on my iphone. With my first mp3s, I could open the folder, put in the music I want, it copies, and Im done.

    With Itunes, I open it, it updates both the software and phone, which takes about an hour. Then I put in the music I want. This takes about an hour or so to format or whatever. Then it tries to put everything on, so I spend the next hour or so picking and choosing till I get my list, then it deletes everything in my phone, and re-syncs.
  20. I guess that can be annoying but that's why I don't update too often.

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