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ITT: First Time Smoking Bud Stories

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 420stoned666, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. Post in this thread the story of your very first time.
    I was 11 years old, 5th grade, sometime in July like 8 years ago.
    I had some friends who were in 7th grade.
    Spent the day with them, they were my best friends growing up. The goal of the day was to get weed. The night before we had watched Cheech and chongs up in smoke, the next day, we woke up, chopped up my friends brothers ADD meds into a fine powder, bagged it up.... we went to this dudes house that they knew. Little did I know I was about to experience my first deal.
    The idea my friends had was that they would tell him this ADD meds was coke, and trade that for the weed. We went to this shitty ass house and there he stood, a chubby Mexican kid who sold us reg for practically nothing other than this crushed up pill lol....
    So we were on the way back to my friends house. I was hesitant about this idea at first, but I had smoked other random shit wishing it was weed earlier that year, so I pretty much wanted to smoke.
    We arrived back at their house and prepared to smoke. Did I mention my best friends dad is a cop? I'll get to that later on.
    We got some notebook paper, left the house and pursued a safe area to smoke. It was in this wooden area in their neighborhood.
    We crawled 30 feet into a tree, where they had put a 5 foot piece of wood, 1 inch thick... That's where we had to sit and smoke lol.... my friend rolled a joint with the notebook paper, and we blazed for the very first time. I and my best friend Tyler, were very blazed. His brother, was not. Because he didn't inhale. And he got pissed at us for getting stoned whilst he didn't, and continued to say things like "you guys are lying! You're not high! Im not high at all!", we were chinkin so hard we didn't even bother arguing about that stupid shit. Well, we had been up there and smoked all the weed in about 4 hours... we didn't realize that time had flown. Its about 11pm now, and my friends cop dad began searching for us.... shit was scary! We heard him calling us, he was a dick so we literally ran lol... we split. I went into an alleyway and hid behind a bush, he shined his light my way but I was so small he didn't spot me. We regrouped at his house where his dad escorted me home.

    They never found out. Oh, I forgot to mention we came down from the tree to go to his house after our first joint because we got inspired to build our first pipe out of a block of wood. We went back to the tree and tried it, it worked lol.

    That's my story, and I've been smoking ever since.

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  2. I was 12 or 13 and my neighbor who was 1 year younger had a sister who got the weed. We drove out to a field and got high out of a can. We drove back to his house which was scary as shot because his sister just got her permit like 6 months early for some reason and drove crazily. Later that night we got 40s and him being a life long lightweight passed out and then I fucked his sister lol. Good times
  3. The very first time I lit up was probably early 7th grade. My friend an I were so stoked About grabbing our first gram of weed. But little did we know much about weed. So we bought a 20. It was shake. Prolly like $10 worth or less. But anyways we got printing paper went into my back yard behind a corner. And lit up. Wasted 20 bucks that day just to light shake in printer paper.

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  4. Was in my buddys basement, none of us had smoked before except for one, and he pulled a J out of his bag, we snuck out the window and toked in the backyard (it was like 1am), lit it up, I remember it smelled very skunky. I took 2 puffs, coughed my ass off, and then got my ass inside just when the high hit and I could no longer walk straight. We proceeded to munch out and play Xbox. Good times :smoke:
  5. First time I smoked was back in ninth grade 4 years ago with some old friends. My two friends Vinny and Connor told me about their first experience with smoking. They told me about how they went all over the oceanfront while high just chillen and enjoying it so that made me want to try it. My friend Vinny and I bought some weed from a dude who went to school with us. It was awesome, the smell and the green color made me want to smoke it so bad. By the time we got it it was cold as fuck outside and completely dark so we said fuck it and waited till the next day. Really long story short we met up with more friends and smoked in the woods there was like 6 of us smoking like a gram so I didn't get high, just got light headed when I stood up from sittin down. But a couple days later my friends parents were gone so he invited me and and a couple of buddies from school over and he showed me his home made bong. It was a Pokemon ball filled with water with a plastic tube built into it. It hit so good too. I took my first bong hit and it was honestly the best feeling ever. I felt awesome everyone was happy no one was sketching out and we all ate pizza and just hung out. From that point on I've been smoking every other day with a bunch of friends from school. Good times haha
  6. Just a bunch of stoned 14 year old kids feeling out hahaha
  7. Geeking***

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