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Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Jan 3, 2003.

  1. get to it that point where your head, you see, streaches in 42 different dirrections but your brain only seems to streach 37. then you have a night...those nights you seem to have more than nights that make up those brain filled mornings that you cant seem to sleep through, when its all about the lunch that you cant seem to keep your mind off of....then you get there and think that it only led to those oddly shaped afternoons that even delivery guys can stump you on. and then what? how much? stoners always give more. ever hear that? its not the pockets that our hearts thats filled with the green. hell id love to pay the pizza man with some great big fat budz. nice fat fuckin stickey green. not this filthy shit that have defined consumers, but the fun loving sweet, sometimes bitter, skunky green that comes from the ground. hell, we all know money doesnt grows on trees. wheres the human nature in cash? what about a crop?

    uh, yeah..budz

    thats gonna be the number one response to "toppings?"

    back to that pizza guy...hes got it all figured out...hes only playing the fool...he knows tomorrow

    for tomorrow it shall be legal!
  2. anchovies are for humans too
  3. on pizza?
  4. love you too. glad i could be of help.


    anchovies are good and salty!
  5. I don't like anchovies at all. I never could make myself like'em. All the rest of the pizza stuff is great!
  6. Yeah me too....i've tried lots of times but i just can't go them....i'm the same with tomatos....but i can eat if i go to eat i banana i start to get an allergic reaction....and start vomating.....yet i love banana shakes......Peace out...Sid
  7. im allergic to blue balls
  8. ..arent we all
  9. if i smoke weed, i dont smoke cigs....later on i cough up alot of tasty nasty stuff...usually when im outside breathin in the fresh air...and it makes me feel fresh assuming that is the expectorant properties of at least makes me think it might be a lil healthy.

    oh yeah...apparently newgirlfriend isnt allergic to them..she has no problem handling them.
  10. I can't help but agree with every word said!

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