its wierd how things turn out

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by MCODE, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. ight, so todays friday got absolutely nothing planned. I was supposed to go to a theme park on shrooms but then I found out they were closed today so there goes option 1. second was go to laserquest, get everything all set ready to leave.. then our ride back decides to bail since our shit was so last minute, back to square one NOTHING TO FUCKING DO. so i get on msn start chattin up the ladies, so i end up hanging out with this chick and her friends just smokin bongs and she tells me i can have some friends at her place for a sesh. friends show up with no weed which is no good, so i phone my guy for them to grab (my dealer is friends with the girls whose house it is) nights goin good smoking bongs just smoked a blunt with the boys with what weed they did have, we walk back in from the bluntski and all I hear is a big "clank" noise the chicks whose house it was just starts trippin she's like "FUCK MY PARENTS ARE HOME" so obvioslly everyone starts trippin balls thinkin were all about to get booked. we like have 30 seconds to clean up like 5 sesh piles blunt wrapper on the kitchen table bong in the living room. we manage to pull it off but its still kinda stinky. so you know how i called someone to grab right, well this girls dad is in the hall saying hi to all of us and literally the same second he walks straight into the house and her dads in the hall he's just like oooooo fuck so like my friends just peace with him and say it was his ride, im just like fuck that im not walkin 30 minutes to smoke bongs with these kids, ended up watching troy and foolin around with some girly. by now its like 1:30 am i have to start missioning home (40 minutes walk) i walk outside realize i have no light so im like fuck how am i gonna spark this smoke? this truck just fucking RIPPPPS by me at like atleast twice the speed limit. not only do i bum a light but they bummed me a fuckin ride. both the driver and the passanger are hammed but im a lazy mother fucker so im just like whatevs atleast my town is empty at this time of night. guys goes through downtown like atleast 120km an hour im just like trippin hopin i make it home alright, it ends up i get home fine and these guys party with my neighbors older kids which is jokes, i just thought it was kinda funny how my night ended up turning out.
  2. not trying to be rude, but paragraph structure like that won't attract anyone to read, or respond to your message :-/
  3. thats hard as hell to read on cid :devious: but kick ass non the less
  4. lol dammm
  5. Dead at 1:30 eh? Sounds like where I live.

    btw, MCODE, you happen to take your name from a band?
  6. Yeh dude, Paragraphs are your friend, haha.

    But crazy story bro. Shit is dead here by like 11. Instead of big parties, little "clans" of 3-10 people get together and blaze. I always liked it better.
  7. haha the paragraph thing is true but for some reason i felt inspired to read urslol good story, sounds like fun haha yadida
  8. dude props for living in Canada, and sick story.
  9. holy shit!!!! how did you do that
  10. you shouldnt do things like that on stoner forums.....wayyyy too trippy. :)
  11. In general, I agree, but I actually read and enjoyed it. :eek::eek::eek:

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