It's Wednesday, and you know what that means....FIGHT!!

Discussion in 'General' started by eldude-arino, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. Well, The Dude almost forgot to post the weekly fight poll....

    Since the last one didn't get many hits, I thought I'd mix it up with a 4-way female Battle Royale. All four women smoke pot, are smoking hot, and are tougher than you!

    In corner #1, Charlize Theron:

    In corner #2, Mila Jovich:

    In corner #3, Angelina Jolie:

    And in corner #4, a challenger that has a personal vendetta against Jolie, Jennifer Anniston!:
  2. It'd for SURE come down to Angie (once she devorces brad, she's mine)
  3. Angelina will pull some tomb raider shit and beat down on all the others.:devious:
  4. I don't really like Angelina as much as most of my friends but no question she would win.
  5. Angelina Jolie all the way.
  6. In reality, she has received so much hand to hand combat training for action movies that she could beat most guys asses.
  7. I say claw out Angies eyes Jen, i say Jen cuz she's so so pritty!!!
  8. I would probably pay to watch Angelina beat the fuck out of Jennifer.

    I'm honestly having a hard time between Angelina and Charlize. No discredit to Mila, but I think she get the beat down... Fuck it, I'm voting for Charlize. Screw the rational she is smoking out of an apple bong... :smoking:
  9. Yep, Jennifer Aniston's got my vote.
  10. yay for everyone posting!

    this is the best one yet i'd say... you know girls fight DURDY-DURDY this would seriously be something i'd pay alot to see.... now that i'm baked it's twice as exciting as tracking down the pictures was... i wish my PC was fixed, i've got pics of all four of them smoking on it :( that's what i was going for...ah well

    i think it'd be between angelina and charlize too, but i'm not too sure who would win and i can't use DBWs rationale because it doesn't pertain to the fight at hand...bah... i'm going to go finish my bob dvd
  11. eldude-arino, lets talk Two Days in The Valley & Monster. I think it deserves some respect here. I'm not saying it would sway a vote really but she deserves some respect. mmhmm. :smoking: Oh I think her most recent movie was an action movie but I can't quite remember...
  12. i say uma therman haha shes badass
  13. angelina by far...... verry hott too
  14. that vote doesn't really count "four" obvious reasons...

    and DBW, believe me, i know where you're coming from... i haven't been swayed one way or another... i think mila and jen go down quick though
  15. Can you just imagine all four of those women in skimpy clothing fighting in a pool of KY?

    I sure can.... :D

    It wouldn't even matter who wins
  16. yeah, that was kind of what i was trying to say in post #10... i couldn't get it out at the time
  17. you just know someones going to be eaten when angelina jolie is involved
  18. yeah angelina would KILL all....I would swoop up jennifer anistan though, she can come back with me:D
  19. Mila looks like she does/did her share of drugs...she gets my vote on that clause alone...
  20. Angelina, by far. Charlize is hot as shit though.

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