its too hot! i need help please

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  1. i just finished construction on my pc stealth grow box, and i added a thermometer inside to get an idea of how hot it gets, im running 3 cfl's in there and i have 4 pc fans, 2 intakes, and 2 exhausts 1 of which is considerably larger than the rest, however the temps are still too high! when i had the thermometer at the top of the box it was over a 100 degrees, and at the bottom it was 90ish, can someone help me figure out a way to lower the temps that way my plants dont get baked in the box?
  2. Hey tokinLT. Would love to see pics of your setup.

    My suggestion is to take the fan that is considerably larger and use this as one of your two exhaust fans. My understanding is your exhaust needs to move more air than your intake can move in (creating negative pressure inside your box, ideal for temp regulating)

    lemme know if that helped
  3. you can not build inside of a computer lol considering you wont grow much at all and its not worth the trouble butttttt if you must i understand:p you should try placing the computer in a cooler place so the air being blown in is cooler two and also maybe if you make all fan intake and drill holes in the non visible side. you can freeze gallon milk cartons (if you do dont fill up too high before you freeze lol) and place in front of fan and replace once melted... lo you really are shit outta luck because you need better fans but considering your growing out of a comp money is an issue and you cant afford bigger fans lol but whetevers clever bro hope something i said can help. oh and you can always say the comp broke and you need to store it in the garage, garage floors are very cold and can maybe keep cooler....:wave:
  4. What you can try which could very well make the difference is use only exhaust fans and no intake fans. Passive intakes will eliminate a lot of problems.

    Good luck! Report back
  5. well i was growing my plants outside and i had 9 plants and they were all stolen off of my property. so i figure id try growing indoors, my grandparents are against me growing indoors cuz they think ill burn the house down, so i figure id try a pc grow instead so that way they dont know. besides i dont wanna have my plants stolen again u know? but anyway i was able to get a stonger power source to power the fans and i was able to get the temp down to about 85 degrees:hello:
  6. some pics of the box

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  7. i was able to get the temp down to a constant 85 degrees:hello:
  8. looking good man!!
  9. thanks bro! im just gonna grow autos in this box, and i might try to plant some non autos outdoors again. i found the ppl who stole my plants too, they got a couple bricks thru their windows for that bullshit they pulled
  10. :hello: haha holy shit. How did you find out who it was?
  11. my grandparents keep a record book of the ppl that they do business with and i looked up the ppl that came by the day before and i got their address, and i did a drive by and got 2 bricks thru their house window adn then 1 thru the rear windshield of their car
  12. Now that is justice :hello:
  13. lol yes indeed my friend.

  14. How do you know it was them man? lol.

    Well - looks like you got your problem figured out - Might change when there's plants disrupting airflow - But there are a ton of options for Computer Fans, with different CFM ratings, static pressure, Noise etc. So you'll have options as far as changing goes.

    You can experiement - the side hole - turn off fan and block with tape. have 1 intake, 1 exhaust, 1 intake 2 exhaust etc. Sometimes fans will actually fight eachother and make things hotter, even though you have more fans going.

  15. they were doing just fine until those ppl came along, and i dont mean "those ppl" in a racist manner lol, they were the same ethnicity as me haha. but when they came over to look at my grandparents plants they were Extremely curious about my plants.

    yea true ill deff take your words of wisdom into consideration my friend:)

    im actually gonna invest in a larger taller pc tower lol
  16. Call a computer store in your Area that does computer Service, I know a local one that has a 'boneyard' they toss away old large towers and shit all the friggin time. Also might want to look on Craigslist / Kijiji etc.
  17. haha im actually lookin on craigslist at this exact moment
  18. I work with towers like those, when they get hot a regular fan hitting them from the outside helps cool thing down...
  19. sounds like a good idea, ima get a fan on that pc asap

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