Its too good 2 be true

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Muff420, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. is face mcpalm really banned?
    he was a prick
  2. who cares

    he was no scooby thats for damn sure.
  3. I dunno if anyone can top scooby
  4. yes

    he is

    miss him?

  5. I'm sorry not to thread jack, but since we're on the topic of banned members, does anyone know why Hoast was banned? I missed the reason but noticed he was banned.
  6. where do you find out the reason behind a member getting banned. i want to read y face mcpalm got banned.
    only person on the internet i can say i hate. i can tell if he lived around me we would have always had problems.
  7. if you want to know . . lift up the rug.

    but dont let anyone catch you
  8. im lost
  9. i actually liked him a bit, although he was being a dick from time to time. guess he did something stupid?
  10. good. . thats just how they want you to be.
  11. Me and him got into it a few times about me calling him out on his age and him calling people crack heads and just plain rude and disrespectful
  12. HOLY SHIT!
    this thread made me trip out -
    Cheata470: face mcpalm got banned?
    Cheata470: that fuckin makes my day
    crisiscrashed: omg he did?!!!
    crisiscrashed: HAHAHAH
    crisiscrashed: that's frickin hilarious
    crisiscrashed: someone should make a thread about it
    Cheata470: lol i fuckin will, if we figure out y he was banned


    That guy was a douche. He gave me bad rep, then hit on me. What the hell is that???
  13. i dont know. i dont care.

  14. Hahaha i saw that on his page when i was hopeing 2 c why he was banned.
  15. banned because he was disrespectful *got attention put on him* and also because he was a previously banned member...not sure which one tho...

    am i glad hes banned?? one of the people that brought it to the mods attn that he was "familiar" and being a total scumdouche
  16. How can you ever tell if someone is familair?

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