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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by PintyHet, Nov 2, 2003.

  1. i think the time has come for us to move..we can legalize it or atleast make the old bastards that run the US think twice about it! if all of us united and became active they couldnt ignore us all! and even if we dont pull it off this generation atleast we can make a dint for the next to hammer on!

    print out stuff from here and put it all over town!

    or if thats to direct donate to these guys(also good info)

    i hear people gripe and complain all day long but none of them ever do's your chance our time is now! let us go down in history as the decade that ended the prohibition!
  2. we will never become anything but a minority if everyone just sits by
  3. cuz i'm stuck in school for now becoming an electritian so i can afford to move to canada =( i'll be stuck here for atleast 2 more years
  4. All i want out of life is to be able to sit on the roof of my little house somehwere watch the sunset over the ocean and smoke some weed... i party to but i like sitting peacefully much better
  5. mmmm information =)
  6. I know what your feeling man..but if your growing you want to say low. It is an illegal drug for no real reason. But the gov't cant control the trade of it, and cant tax it so no officials want it legalized... so until then just chill and grow!
  7. The best way to get this job done is to contact your legislayive officials directly. Find out your congressmans email and send him one. Send him one 3 times a day for as long as possible. Tell your friends to. If every congress man in the U.S. got like 1000 emails on the same day I guarantee it would at least start a debate and get them to pay attention.
  8. bob now that was just stupid di it if you want but dont be activly growing and haev a groe log wich they can track back to you, and be an activist at the same time. i dont think they are gong to hunt oyou down for expressing your freedom of speach.

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