It's TIME! to take out the shotgun!

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  1. Im pissed.. I managed to handle 3 plants so far and 2 are coming.. Sorry no pics Ill upload them asap...

    I finally found this nice spot near a stream. I go to the spot today and find one pot knocked over and the other plant laying next to it's pot.

    wtf was this animal doing..? eating the roots? What animals cause this?

    How do I fucking kill these fuckers.. they ruined my babie. The other one was knocked over ..

    I have alot of deers in my area... When is hunting season anywayz???


    I took em and im trying to root them now.. I hope I can.

    >_<! I managed to piss around my grow area.. what else will push off these little fuckers..??

    thanks in advance.. im bout to go rip one.. :smoking:
  2. A fence, or some chickenwire around your plot is pretty much mandatory...

    If you didn't put that up, do it QUICK because animals won't go through the trouble of fiddling with that shit if your plant interests them.... plus they won't be able to step over your plants without knowing about it... a big chickenwire fence will catch their eyes... therefore leaving the chances that they will just walk through almost impossible.

    Sorry to hear of your loss man I'll be praying for your other plants to be healthy as fuck and outshine the worthless shrubs they are growing beside;):smoking:
  3. shavings of irish soap, animal hair/human hair, deterrent you can buy, or some fencing should work. just spread it around the perimeter of the site. I hate it when creatures mess with your plot :mad: goodluck bro
  4. this post made me laugh. ahaha.

    yeah just kill em all! build a tree stand and wait with your shotty. those bastards will probably want more of that tasty cannabis:smoke:
  5. Hahahaha. Great post. Put human hair or blood (your own, preferably) around the site to ward off animals. That sucks that your plants got attacked. Just hope it was the animals though.

    Good luck! Hope your babies get back in shape.
  6. Damn.. blood.. and hair and etc.. jeez guys wut business u guys running :confused:


    anywayz I pissed around the area.. and im thinking bout moth balls

    What should I do?

    1. Place the moth balls around the stems of the plants , or.

    2. Place cups near my plants with moth balls in them.

    :smoking: rep+
  7. moth balls in a cup. take a shit as well. better than piss. IMO
  8. first off those are ratcoons, yes they are bitches. they have killed around 35 of my 2 week old seedings. but i have found out how to combat them,

    FIRST: do not go the organic route. I might be flagged, but as soon as a turned over the soil prepared with blood and bone meal, i had ratcoons diging and chewing up everything. This is because ratcoons are scavengers.

    SECOND: Fencing is a must. I first thought i would have problems with deer, yet i have not seen one track and my area is Loaded with deer. make sure you use a good metal or plastic fencing material. Make sure you secure the bottoms WELL to the ground, if not they will dig and dig ruining all your hard work.

    Feel free to ask me anything. Ill be posting some of my hardwork on here soon.

    Good luck
  9. yeah growerruny is right. your problem is coons. i had 3 plants dug up from coons but luckily only 1 was stunned and the others are fine. but the solution i use to fix this problem is piss. seriously. i just cut in half a 2 liter bottle, took a big piss, and just sat it next to the plants. now hopefully the piss will be strong enough to fend off bears. just fed my babies their first meal of fish emulsion:eek:
  10. Be wary of leaving anything behind at your plots that may contain your dna as this may prove the plants are yours. Hair from your dog may also be used as dna evidence and land you in jail!!

    Keep it green.
  11. and they are probably not going to waste any more time and $$ on small 1-4 plant grows then just to give each a quick pull, and a toss to the nearest incinerator.

    really folks LEO wants the commercial guys, they just take us little grows ina pinch , or if they have a snitch, and the jobs already done when it shows up on thier desks.

    down with the paranoia
  12. A few things I did to stop animals/insects from destroying my crop.

    1. Brother and I piss all around when we can.
    2. Hang soap bars in panty hoes from tree branches(rats will come to the grow spot to eat the fat that's in the soap if left on ground, then eating your plants).
    3. Gave both dogs a bath then brushed them like hell for a lot of dog hair, spread around the area.
    4. Put up 3 levels of fence wire.
    5. Moth balls for insects.
    6. Copper wire for slugs.

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