It's time to arrest the entire Obama administration!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Tripace, Aug 4, 2012.

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    $25 Million that's alot of greasy palms.. And also, its a bad sign the neocon repubs are pushing for more intervention.. that should be obvious indicator of foul play. And the dems who supports these shinanogans are essentially agreeing with neocons in motive.. tisk tisk

    Fuck yeah go Ben Swann!
  2. Obama should have been thrown in jail a long time ago for his crimes. Still can't believe the sheep in this country are letting him get away with his crime.
  3. The government has be lying and doing shit behind peoples backs for a LONG time, there's so much more proof then just that, do research on how corrupt this government. Don't trust the government at all. Wait and see, the people will one day revolt(right word?) and it will be an amazing apocolypse
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong but there is no special council investigating Obama for anything, and after all he has done. As far as I can recall there has always been a special council investigating every president for something as far back as Nixon.

    The military and the justice department are covering his ass. He must have given the orders for Fast & Furious and numerous other indefensible illegalities.
  5. Ironically we supplied al Qaeda and the Taliban back in the day. Cold war era.
  6. This arrest and impeachment talk is very similar to the positions of the John Birch Society.
  7. Hitler was an animal rights activist. Does that mean we should discredit everything the RSPCA does?

    Garrison sometimes you astound me (even further) with your lack of logic in argument.
  8. I'm surprised people didn't realize Obama was a crook a lot earlier,I mean he is a Chicago politician.Look at Illinois record of public officials being put in prison.Our last 4 governers went to the slammer ha ha.Hell even our states attorney is facing prison time.
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    [quote name='"garrison68"']This arrest and impeachment talk is very similar to the positions of the John Birch Society.[/quote]

    Explain why aiding a rebel army with guns and ammo, when its been shown the rebels are just are furious and violent as the syrian military....and when the rebels consist of not just "freedom liberators" but al-queda and other religious extremists groups AND fighters from egypt, libya, and they can topple irans ally and install a bullshit regime to satisfy our is this not bad at all to you. Do you even know who the rebel faction is? They're a minority group named the allowites. You're so out of touch man its not even funny

    Our country has history of overthrowing regimes in order to be a puppet satellite for economic and global political reasons, and almost everytime there's blowback. The prime example of blowback would be the overthrow of mossedeq by the cia, only to be replaced by a ruthless dictator which we picked ....which ended up giving blowback because he was obv a bad dude, and the people had a revolution, and radical islam came out BECAUSE of mossadeqs overthrow...the people REMEMBERED this and RETALIATED to our foreign policy...they wanted to keep their democratically elected leader and we took it away from then because we wanted something they wanted of theirs to keep for their own.....its such hipocrasy and yet you make statements like this ..when in past threads you've made it clear how you feel about the jb society and others. I just don't get it. You're too serious to be trolling people

    Funny thing is that I show you all of this & you dodge me on other threads to respond and prey on other posters who are less knowledgeable and articulate with their information. So funny.

  10. You are probably right about the situation in Libya and foreign policy regarding some of those other countries, but it's not something that the president and his administration can be arrested for.
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    While they can't be arrested, this sort of policy should not be condoned at all. To even give the inclination that it can be tolerated is absurd.

    Our foreign policy has been the same for.........60 to 70 years...

    We are driving this shit into the ground by micromanaging the globe with our military. What a fallacy.

    Edit: not only militarily but economically. We force our ways on a lot of our economic satellites such as japan and other countries.

  12. Reminds me of a line from a Deviates song "If its good for US it must be good for them, if its good for you, you won't complain...take more then we need leave you nothing, replenished by you and your home..."
  13. Here is a prime example of how stupid this "aid" (weapons guns bullets bombs & hired guns) to syria is.

    Our involvement with turkey is a good example to base the ridiculousness factor. Turkey has been discriminating against the kurds for 70 years. The kurdish population consists of roughly 15 million people, and since 1992 the turks have conducted an intense genocidal campaign against them. Turkey routinely jails kurdish politicians for activities that would otherwise be protected speech in democratic countries. The eu has barred turkey from the union due to the treatment of the kurds.

    But because of the strategic position on the border of the former soviet union, turkey remains a vital ally since the cold war.

    After isreal and egypt, turkey is the third highest recipient of american military assistance. Between 91 and 95 the us supplied four-fifths of turkeys military imports, which were among the largest in the world. The us government in turn depends on the nato base at incirlik turkey, to carry out operation provide comfort, set up after the gulf war to supply and help the iraqi kurds from repression by saddam hussein...

    At the same time, the us acquiesces in turkish mistreatment of its far larget kurdish population.

    A senior advisor to the prime minister of turkey said to john shattuck, assistant secretary of state for human rights, "stop IMF credits and cut off aid from the pentagon. But don't sell the weapons and give AID and then complain about the kurdish issue, don't tell us about human rights when youre selling these weapons"
  14. yeah the JBS is everything Obama is NOT !

    ... and Im glad !


    he'll be gone in 3 months or so....
  15. [quote name='"kush70"']

    yeah the JBS is everything Obama is NOT !

    ... and Im glad !


    he'll be gone in 3 months or so....[/quote]

    Hell be gone or hell be there. Either way, it will be the same road. Count on it.
  16. Arrest all that garbage including bush and his fuckwits. Chain said garbage together and put them on a forced march through major cities without their precious SS agents.

    Good luck being a smartass.
  17. thats the shitty thing about politics..

    no matter who you get for president they are gonna fuck it up even more lol

  18. He should target himself with a drone like he does other people who associate with known "terrorists".

    Obama should be at the top of his own illegal kill list.
  19. Garrison is a prime example of what the government wants. His very existence is owed to government aid. He will be the kind of persons that liberty fighters will confront. People like him will back the police and the state no matter what.

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