its time for me to quit

Discussion in 'General' started by Burton7, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. well ive been smoking for about 3 years now. Of course its had its ups and downs. and recently ive been smoking daily, i bought a roor, and even got a whizzinator to get around my parents random drug tests. well i just dont seem to enjoy weed like i used to anymore, its ruined my relationship with my parents, and some friends. its pulled me away from my family and my religion as well. im not blaming weed, because it was my choice, but hey. Im just realizing its not all worth it right now, its not worth being away from my family and all the things i love, (i do love weed..). i just need to get my life back in order right now. so goodbye mary jane, its been fun. I still love all my stoners too though :hello:
    see you all later i hope.
  2. don't quit, just cut down on how much you smoke mann:smoke:
  3. Hey man I have to respect your decision. If it is interfering with your life, then it's probably a good idea to stop smoking. Good luck getting your shit together man, smoking or not, you know the City has your back.
  4. thanks man. yeah i would just cut down, and ive tried that, but my parents give me random drug tests, and they are very religious, weed is satanic to them. if i fail another one, it just wouldnt work out haha. hopefully someday when i get my own place and have everything together i can start up again. ill have to wait and see though. thanks for the support, its gunna be hard haha
  5. I'm not going to lie, if all your friends smoke, it's going to be very hard. Not buying should be pretty easy, just going to be hard if people are smoking around you.
  6. Every time i say anything like that i start smoking again in a week tops. lol
  7. indeed. i cant quit anything for this exact reason , not that i really want to :p
  8. ya it is going to be hard, because some of my closest friends i smoke with daily. but pretty much i have no choice unless i want to get kicked out and have no place to live haha. but knowing inside that i should quit right now anyways will help make it easier i think. because i have the will to do it, im not just doing it because i have to. i need to get everything back in order, and then party.

  9. that sucks to hear man. stay strong bro, i'm sure everything will be back to normal soon. good to see you're above the drug man - if you ever do drugs make sure you use THEM; don't ever let them use YOU.
  10. at the moment ya it may be time for you to quit, but u cant let your parents and religion have anything to do with you choosing to smoke weed. If your parents are that ignorant once given all the information about weed to still be so against it that it ruins your relationship with them, then you need to find them some fucking help. I'm lucky cause while my parents don't agree with me using weed they are not total idiots to let it ruin our relationship. and the religion thing i cant go there cause ill probably be banned for "offending other peoples beliefs." and of course make sure you are using the weed and not vice versa.
  11. the bible says weed is good, tell your parents that
  12. dude, self control, learn it.
  13. Go for it man, more power to you. A break does everyone good once in a while, but you'll be back lol. You'll break up with a girlfriend or lose a job and BAM, you'll be firing up that roor once again. :)
  14. ever heard of the 420 church?

    Yeah its real, check it!
  15. Man I respect. Hope to see you in the future.
  16. Your 18 or older and your parents are giving you random pissers whats sup with that, they shouldnt be able to do that.
  17. well if he said no though they would pretty much know he was gonna fail it anyway theres not really another reason to say no other then that (is there?)
  18. it's nice to see a responsible person on these forums every now and then.
    best of luck with mending your relationships
  19. damn dude im sorry to hear about your situation n honestly it takes alot to realize when something you enjoy so much like weed is really interfering with your personal life..RESPECT

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