its the simple things..

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Aug 15, 2002.

  1. that make me looking at your watch when you toke and see that it just happens to be 4:20! :smoke:
  2. haha totally.. that rocks
  3. That's very true.........I enjoy the simple things in life. That is what makes living special. I love sitting around and when lighting my joint, looking at my watch and it being 420 on the dot. LOL. Of course, I also like simple things like staring at the fluffy clouds when I'm high trying to figure out what they look like.
  4. thats all Ive been doing in my free time...down at the beach, looking up at the clouds!! and I love every minute of it. simple simple simple. im a simple. :D :smoke:
  5. ah the simple. Things needent be complex to be enjoyable. too true sensemil too true...
  6. the number 420 always puts a smile on my depressed face :)
  7. i love it when my total @ a store (like 7.11) comes out to $4.20. A stupid grin spreads across my face and the guy ringing me up either grins right back or looks at me like "wtf is this dumb bitch cheesing about" :D

    and yes 4:20 the time has double-meaning for me: 10 more minutes 'til I'm free from my job, too! WOOHOO
  8. last summer I stopped at wawa (lol, yes wawa, Im sure most of you are not familiar with this kick ass convience store, lets just say its heaven sent for stoners!) every morning and i got the same thing..everytime it came up $4.20! and so well, what a way to start the day! put a smile on my face! :smoke:

    either they knew or like you said ganja..would look at yea like "wtf is this dumb bitch cheesing about"....their response makes it even better .. hehe ..
  9. if you all dont know what fatburger is its a hamburger place....I was gettin some munchies there a while back and the receipt said 4.20...i'll always remember that..Anyways, I always look at my watch at 4:20...for some reason it usually happens just by coincidence.
  10. Um, I'm know I'm going to regret asking this, but what's the significance of 420?

    Aside from how many ladeeeez I've had in my life. Ahem....

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