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It's The Final Countdown. Haha

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by coalition17, May 12, 2011.

  1. So I have my first real, court-ordered drug test tomorrow at 9 am(Although it's still not a guarantee that I'll have to piss for 'em
    Here's the run down..
    May 12th= DT
    Last time I consumed/smoked=Sunday, May 8th, smoked a fat dime my dealer hooked me up with(The dimes he sells me are 2 gs)
    so I smoked it.
    I've been taking Vitamin B12, 500 MG, once daily, in the morning.
    I've also drank over 24 16 oz bottles of water in the past 5 days, along with an entire bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar.. Which I have grown to have a taste for now.. haha
    Anyways, back to the shit. I also been takin 500 mg of Niacin every other day. I didnt wanna take the 500mg Niacin everyday cause I've heard bad OD stories, plus the flushing reaction blows...
    So with that info, I feel confident I'll pass..
    Oh yeah, tonight I also took a few aspirin tablets cause i am out of vinegar...
    Whaddyall think?
  2. Vinegar doesnt do anything except lower ph levels in your urine, also drink green tea
  3. really? cause ive had like 3 people tell me drinking vinegar helps. ridiculous shit.
    Fucking vinegar.. I'd take more niacin tonight before bed but I don't want my piss test to come up with large amounts of niacin cause i don't have any legit reasons for it.. unless i was like Yo judge I gots tha high blood pressure XD
  4. If the niacin is flush free then it wont help also drink cranberry juice
  5. Oh hell no dude I got the flushing Niacin...
    500 mg of that shit.. When i take it, it burns my ass up for nearly an hour...
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    Yea cranberrys the shit when you need to pass, wait...why didnt you run to a headshop and get a detox
  7. I didn't get a detox drink cause they're fuckin expensive here =\ That was my first plan, dont get me wrong...
    I bought these detox pills at a convenience store tho...
    They were called Champ Detox Pills, they had all kindsa shit in them that's sposed to clean me out.. Ever heard of em? Probly some bunk shit.. but o well..
  8. well brothers and sisters... This may be it! if i do fail my dt tmr, i go strait to jail for 6 months...
    Happy Toking to all my homies and yet-to-be-homies here on GrassCity..
    I love yall guys.. hahaha
  9. Detox drinks do not work. Period.

    The only way they could help at all is diluting your urine, which water does anyways.

    Do not buy them, they are a waste of money.
  10. Have you been doing lots of cardio and sweating?
  11. Do you know anything about Niacin and B12, Sproggs?...
  12. I dont do a lot of cardio like runnin n shiz... But I been working out to my breaking point everyday... Like till the point where even after a 10 minute break i can barely do anymore pushups or situps...
    And I've drank a helluva a lot of water.. More than i've ever drank in mah life lol..
  13. THC is stored in fat btw. The only thing your doing is cleaning your urine, not getting rid of the thc in your body.
  14. Let us know if you pass.

    You'll probably pass, but you never know. It was only a few days ago. The main reason I don't think you would pass is cause it's not like you took one or two hits on may 8th, you smoked an entire 2 grams (not that that's necessarily a lot, but compared to a hit or two it can either make you pass or fail). If you only took a hit or two I'm nearly positive you'd pass taking all the niacin and other shit, but since you smoked a good amount I'm not sure how lucky you'll be man...

    If I knew I was risking 6 months in jail, I'd wait longer than 4 days to quit smoking. I'd stop at least a few weeks before the test and make sure I have time to get it out of my system. 4 days is cutting it super fucking close, drink a shitload of water, and piss into the cup when you're about half way done (you dont want to get the piss that comes out right at the beginning or at the end, get the pee during the middle). Good luck.

  15. I'm not a doctor, but I'm pretty sure that Niacin works by speeding up your metabolism, that's why you get so hot. The faster your metabolism, the faster your burn those THC ridden fat cells. So Niacin+Exercise=Awesomeness.

    The only thing a B complex vitamin does is color your urine a "vitamin yellow." It doesn't actually make you clean. It helps reduce suspiciousness of having water urine, but that's about it.

    Here's a really great guide that I know of on another marijuana forum I'm active on! I find this to be one of the best guides, and many have endorsed it.

    DILUTION: tips, tricks and guidelines from N2 -

  16. vinegar does lower pH LEVELS.. high ph level in urine is what makes drug screens test postive... ive been on parole for 6 months and i just put like 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in the cup before i pee and i pass every time dont listen to fuck heads....
  17. word dude?
    I drank a whole fucking bottle of vinegar... so maybe i do have a chance.. I know if i pass this dt, since its my only legal trouble, and i have a good job.. once i pass im gonna get baked to a whole new level... It's gonna be a celebration XD :D
  18. Thanks for the post BurtonToker.. Yeah I kinda wish I hadn't even smoked at all this month.. I have this good feeling that I'll pass, or that they won't even test me since I haven't been in any trouble.. But seeing as I JUST got accepted into Concordia Uni in Montreal.. Which is the school i've been dying to go to, failing this test, and going to jail will screw all that up. FOOK I hope I pass.. The niacin's been burnin the hell outta me so i really hope im clean enough to pass...
  19. Well, I didn't pass or fail.. My effin lawyer got the case Continued again, because the officer who made the arrest on me wasn't present.. I got till July 11... This time I'm not pushing it...
    BTW Just smoked some dank ass Blueberry Kush today.. Really dense nugs.. Smelled reallllly fresh and... idk how to describe it, only a slight hint of the Blueberry.. The nugs did look like they had some deep blue in the bud with green.. but they were majorly white from the trichs... Beautiful :D
  20. Just a suggestion, you should quit smoking the first day of june. If your at risk of going to jail then don't risk it and make sure your clean for your test. Good luck though brotha

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