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its that time again

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Stylez, Feb 25, 2003.

  1. Yep yep! post number 420!!! It only happens once :)

    I've come a long way with all u blades n bladies. Its great ta be here. I dont have any bud, so all ya smoke a bowl for me ;)

    Next stop - 4200!
  2. ...and I almost went to bed....glad I didn't!!!!

    Damn!!! Good job, dude!!!

    :::::doing the 420 posts dance::::::

    All of ya'll smoke a bowl for me for Stylez. That just means you'll all be super blazed smoking all those bowls!!!
  3. lol yepyep.

    Must get tireing doin all them post dances, but its an excuse to go n smoke a bowl, so eh! hehe
  4. crongrats on the posts

    ::does the 420 posts dance::

    whoo boy...that one takes a lot out of you!
  5. for a second i was worried that your lunar cycle had begun
  6. namron !!!

    yo man

    get that siggie workin!!!

  7. yo man I'll get it hosted for u gimme a day, I know a few ppl hopefully.
  8. i had it halfass workin for a lil while.

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