It's that magical time of the year (almost)

Discussion in 'General' started by roma, May 3, 2011.

  1. School is over in less than a month. I need a really good prank for the end.
    something that won't get a felony hopefully

    Go, please :smoke:
  2. Bring a cow to school.
  3. I am guessing it's a bit on the expensive side, and slow too.
  4. What.... Pranks at the end of school? Are you in highschool or a frat? I don't understand. :|

    Uhm..... but, maybe uhm, I dunno .... Nah, I can't think of any cool pranks. They don't exist in my book. I'd just graffiti everything I could on my last day, maybe steal some office supplies and other stuff (stealing teacher motivational posters is the best), then get the fuck out and never look back.

    Good luck on your prank though.
  5. bro my summer vaca came a week and a half early this year man, rock on dude it sucks tho, caus ei dailed 1 class and cant fet ahold of my other 2 teachers. dulllll
  6. Magical time of the year?

    You mean the time where underage retards invade GC?

    Oh okay.. thanks for the warning.
  7. ^ If only I could neg rep you. :smoke:
  8. Heh, your puny neg rep wouldn't hurt my huge green ego bar. :smoke:
  9. haha, neg rep. you aint got the green light to do so brotha.
  10. yes, I know. If only I could hehe
  11. take the principal to court and sue his/her ass off over a sexual harrasment case. that'll leave a dent in those history books for sure.
  12. Get 3 pigs and bring them to school. Paint numbers on them.


    That way after they find pig 4, they'll be looking for pig 3 still all day. But pig 3 won't be there.
  13. ah, nice planing. It's open campus, pigs will just run off to the forest. dumb pigs :smoke:
  14. When my dad was in highschool he flooded that shit. You know how the quads dip down towards the grates? Go get some black trash bag and fill them with sand and stick them on the grates during a massive storm. Haha you'll have a swimming pool overnight.
  15. Murder the principal.
  16. Is that how they do it in Pennsylvania? :rolleyes:
  17. Wisconsin
  18. Blow up the school then stand outside like "SENIOR PRANK! :) " hahhaha

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