"It's Tea"

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by idcccccccc, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. So I was gunna smoke some bud with my sister but we knew it was going to be hard because my cousin was here. Some how I dropped the dime bag in the room and he picks it up and asks whats this. me and my sister look at each other and i have nothing to say to him and my sister says isnt that the tea you bought.

    he believed it. man i was soooo scared

    pretty bad story but w.e:eek:
  2. How much of a fuckin prick is your cousin. I dont see why its a big deal that he found out at all.
  3. :rolleyes: perhaps

    his cousin isn't a prick but is younger and doesn't smoke

  4. yes exactly hes only 13 and hes a video game kid, he knows nothing about this :)
  5. Tell him that its a tea that can be smoked to receive herbal healing... Then let him take a fat rip off your bong, actually don't I forgot he was 13... My bad
  6. mehh

    i started blazing at 14

    13's not that young

    but a video game kid... I had a friend who was a video game kid until he started smoking herb..

    now hes a lazy, dick kid. so watch your lil bro :smoking:
  7. 13 years old is young, MUCH too young for marijuana smoking. A 13 year old still doesn't have full understanding about adult responsibilities, consequence of actions, nor how to properly prioritize ("business before pleasure"). I'm not saying all kids that smoke at that age are doomed, but the risk outweighs any possible benefit in this situation. I could never condone the use of marijuana by minors unless necessary for medicinal purposes.

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