its sunday! tell me something I dont know!

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Mar 14, 2004.

  1. theres weed were I usually rest my wrists when i type!
  2. *just nod if you can hear me*
  3. hmm...

    ok sensi :D hope yur havin fun... wierdo :p

    i got a new bong last night! yay!! its big and glass and purple. now i have 2 :D fun fun fun, smoke smoke smoke, nap nap nap.

  4. YES! you call me a wierdo, just now my friend just called me a wierdo! its a good day.
    hey adam, pick a number between your favorite number..
    or between 0-36
    or 00 for that matter..:D
  5. Well did ya know you're about to hit 5000? Congrats!!! Time to burn it down.
  6. 29

    or 14.

  7. *nod*

    its a celebration bitchs!

  8. i can tell you after midnight tonight!

  9. <---yes:D
    i celebrated all day long!
  10. there you are luke! i lost that other thread in the windows of grasscity jungle love monitor! whatever that means! yeah!

    thanks :)

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