Its summer

Discussion in 'General' started by Atheism Cant Be Proven, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. Finally summer is here june 21st baby

  2. I'll smoke to dat 
  3. Fuck summer. Hot and humid here as fuck in june/august. And it rains nearly everyday in july. I'm ready for october and 60 weather.

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  4. to think I wouldn't have known that to be the first bowl of my summer...smh hahahah
  5. I love me some summer weather. Can't wait till it hits 100 here, going to be awesome lol but am in the process of getting a big tattoo so can't enjoy it all that much.

    Still Summer! :metal:
  6. i hate summer i like overcast cold weather 
  7. Summertime gets really crazy
  8. turns me upside down...summer summer summer summer (the cars)
  9. Oh Summertime, the time of the year people spend complainging bout the heat.
    Shorly after is winter, much longer, but the time of year where people spend complaining bout the cold.
    In short, we love to complain lol.
    I love summer though. Idc how hot it is, or humid, I love sweating. Because I don't forget how fucking cold it was a few months before.
    Why?  :confused:
    I'd be content with 80 at most.  
  11. You must live in Florida.
  12. I hear summer's aren't as shitty out west. Here on the east coast, it just gets so humid and gross out. A co-worker moved here from California. He lasted half a summer over here before moving back to California.
  14. Yea, I'd say it's fairly dope out here. :cool:
  15. PA gets pretty humid, in the NE area of it. We're not that close to the ocean, why....
    But it's not that horrific. Comes and goes, usually it's not consistent like other states os.
  16. Ah Summer: The time when days become longer and evenings become shorter, when the catchy sounds of the Ice Cream truck roam around the neighborhood, where hookups randomly happen, where the children are happily in laughter and playing around like mini alcoholics, when smoking moderately turns into smoking everday, and the sun heats up your ass like a baked potato. 
  17. well said my brother, well said
  18. Wish I could sleep until winter. Fuck summer!
  19. Aloha summer, from Hawaii!
  20. wish i could sleep through winter

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