It's storming out like mad.

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    There is lightning so bright it seems that you can see everywhere as you can in daylight.

    The thunder so loud that the house shakes and the windows rattle.

    The wind so strong you can see the cars moving back and forth as they sit in place.

    Rain so heavy that everything has an aura around it from the heavy splashing...

    Holy shat, another bolt of lighting, thunder, and some heavy rain all at once.

    Anybody else feeling this storm?

    Manitoba Canada...

    Weather Forecast: Brandon, Manitoba - The Weather Network

    Check out the radar map.
  2. Wow, I left work at 2:00 and at 2:30 my co-worker said that it was raining there like mad.

    I headed east, so it appears this storm chased me all the way home, pretty time accurate too.
  3. I know this is an old thread and I apologize for bumping it, but I remember this exact storm shut us down at work, it was incredible, he described it to a Tee.

    Lets get a good discussion going here, does anybody have any memories of a good storm?

  4. My town got hit by an EF-4 last year. Shit was crazy. It tore across my university's front gate area and ripped up a lot of trees, mangled fences, destroyed houses and businesses. And there I was stoned as hell realizing a massive tornado was right down the street from me. Wouldn't have been to bad to die high I guess. Power was out for only a day or so for me. Those glow sticks that night were awesome though!

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