its storming like crazy here

Discussion in 'General' started by Red93TT, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. anyone elses house shaking like a bastard because of this weather? im in northeast FL. its crazy. havent seen a storm like this since i lived in the mid west

  2. I suggest building an arc.
  3. no time. but a john boat might work. i do have one of those
  4. Take some pictures... Go out on your balcony if you can stand it and smoke a bowl :)

  5. would love to. but i have no bowl to smoke. let alone anything to fill a bowl to accomplish this "smoke" you speak of :(
  6. I would seriously make time for building that arc
  7. i dont think my neighbors would enjoy a large wooden ship sitting in the parking lot
  8. They won't be bitching when you're the only one with an ark that can save them :smoke:

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