It's spring break and I am debating.....

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  1. Well it is spring break for me and I am going to chill at my friends the whole break....the problem is we have no herb =( Haha I know I don't need weed to have fun but it would be nice to have. I have the money and so do my friends but problem is that they live a little ways off so we have no hookups. I don't know if we should ask around or something or just say fuck it? I know a guy who lives near there who has hooked my mom up before lol but there is a problem...It isn't that I am afraid he would tell my mom because she knows and is fine with the fact as long as if I don't get into trouble. I just don't know if he would hook US up. I don't know him too well but I talked to him before. I don't think he knows about me smoking. It would be really awkward if he said no.

    TLDR It is spring break and I am going to chill at a friends but have no weed. Should I try to get some by asking around or just say fuck it? :confused:

    I is a stupid noob question but I don't have a stable connect. Maybe I am just being a GIANT PUSS and I am over reacting....:hello: I would love some input if you you were in my position. :cool:
  2. Going now....if I do not post back I am either dead or in jail LOL
  3. You shoouldnt ask around cuz you might get scammed or taken for your money, trust me it almost happened to me once. You should ask your mom to buy the bud for you since she might get it hooked up from the dealer
  4. gettin' the popcorn and lawn chair for this one. how long until 4chan has OP's obituary?
  5. If your mom is cool with it, ask her.
    Check craigslist otherwise.
  6. I laughed.^ :smoke:

    Just ask him, why not?
  7. Ha I'm sure they'd be happy to sell to you if you asked. Not a big deal. They want money, same as everyone
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    you can just stop trippin and ask him


    you can ask one of your freinds that he doesn't know to pick up for you, and if he asks how he got the number just say tell him to say that his mom/dad is friends with your mom and she hooked him/her up with a number for if he ever needs weed and your freind got that number from his mom/dad, i don't see why it wouldn't work lol dealers want the business
  9. Yeah I dont get why people are so scared of asking dealers for weed... First off, obviously they want to push their product faster, so more customers = more money for them. Second off, MOST dealers are honest people, not thugs like most people make them out to be lol. Just remember, dealers are people too and most of them just do it to help pay the bills and put food on the table.
  10. well that was a fast decision

  11. Haha nice one :devious: ;) yeah I just decided to wait and play it safe till I get back. I will just pitch in with my friends in just get a quarter to make up for it no biggie! I am allowed to smoke it up in my house so it is all goooooood. :hello:
  12. I am just one paranoid little bitch hahahaha

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