Its so hot out!

Discussion in 'General' started by goodseasons, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. WTF i'm in new england and it's usually still freezing this time of year. Is this really global warming?! Incase you're wondering its 77 out, its usually around 20-40 this time of the year. BTW record highs probably all week :D
  2. lol its not hot, its only march.

    Wait till summer.

    It says its 80 here, or was during the afternoon. Cant wait till we break 100!! :yay:
  3. march is the new may
  4. yep, it's global warming. some guy left his car on for a few minutes too long and now the temperature in new england increased by 30 degrees.
  5. Lucky it's been snowing here
  6. More like 50 man, its crazy... i can't imagine the temperatures in the summer if it keeps getting hotter
  7. It was 72 today, where I am, one of the northern-most regions of the country... back when I was younger, maybe right up until eight or ten years ago, we'd have three-four feet of snow, and the kids would have the MOST snow days of the year during March... yet this year, the ground has been nearly bare since the beginning of the month!
    Flowers have been blooming for a week.. I never even had my driveway shoveled, nor did I get a chance to build an epic sledding ramp down the hill out back, like I usually would. :(

    I feel bad for all the folks who invested in plows and snowmobiles this/last year. :eek: :p
  8. if its extremely hot out this summer, im quitting my job and locking myself in a room with a/c til its cold again. i dont do well in heat lol
  9. its not global warming the japan earthquake slightly tilted the earths axis so this weather could be an effect of that and not of global warming, and if it is global warming its not globalwarming that is caused by humans, since the earth has gone thru different climate changes before humans were even around
  10. I've been sweating like 10x more today
  11. I live in Texas. When summer hits we will see 100+ plus temps. Can't wait
  12. Same thing here. Last winter we got 190 inches of snow and it was freezing and windy everyday. this year we only got about 15 inches of snow and had temps in the 40s all winter the temps in the past week have all been above 70 degrees. oh yeahh and this is South Dakota. crazy shit
  13. It rained here :(
  14. haha yeah it was a little too hot for me today, but then I remembered it's not even spring yet! I saw 78 degrees here
  15. Been 70's in Cali since nov.. We're getting some random rain..

    Then back to the 70's..

    And 90's-high hundreds may - nov

  16. haha yeah, and i had a football game in it.

    England sucks :(
  17. It's snowing here in Southern CA hah.

  18. It's snowing in SoCal Portland is one thing we're about 1000 miles north but socal

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