It's so depressing when you want to buy a bag of weed...

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  1. dont just look for jobs at regular stores and shit either
    look on craigslist under general labor and talk to people you meet and let them know youre looking for some general work, black market jobs are the best imho cus theres no taxes and you get paid cash - im not talking selling drugs and shit i just mean working under the table - check construction crews and shit
  2. Preaching to the quire guys, lol. But I feel better, I walked over to the beach, and a friend was over there by chance and smoked a blunt with me. I do need to get a job again though, fack.
  3. Donate some plasma, that's what my brother in college does when he's broke and wants weed/beer money.

    But for real..
  4. Wait where can I sell my balls?

  5. I wondering this as well. If you get rid of one ball the other one picks up the slack. Biology is beautiful.

    So I've just got $80,000 burning a hole in my sack :laughing:

  6. I knew I shouldn't of clicked this thread...
  7. going through this now......contacted over 4 dealers and nothing....

    this gonna have to buy some shitty weed instead
  8. It's not even worth it, you have to smoke twice as much and the high still isn't the same. Just wait til you can get the good stuff.
  9. [quote name='"Mur"']

    HAHAHA that's incredibly tempting... but no.

    seriously though, just get some shitty job at burger king or something to hold you over until you get a real job.[/quote]

    Hey now. Nothins wrong with burger king
  10. You know what's even more depressing? Having more than enough money and being able to get weed anytime, but knowing you can't smoke it for the next 40 months
  11. By the time I got to the second page I was more interested in selling my balls then whats for dinner.. I would sell one ball for $80,000 no problem! Its almost like my sack is bustin' with a new shiny car!

    OP, I feel your pain... I've been there. Last year I was canned unexpectedly from a job that was paying 'under the table' and shit was hard because I had bills to pay. I didn't want to fall into the lazy unemployed phase so every weekday I would get up in the morning and spend 5+ hours search online, through papers, handing out resumes and wasting more money putting around town. After close to two weeks doing this I was getting a little tired but wanted to keep going and continue to find new sources for possible jobs. I ended up putting an ad on Kijiji about myself that I was looking for a job... the next day I got a call from a small shop in my town (a place I would have never even found driving around) and went in for an interview. I got the job and have been happy since then!

    My point is to not get lazy and keep trying (what is sounds like your currently doing). Just try and make yourself different from others who are job seeking. Advertise yourself! Don't be afraid walk into an establishment and ask to speak to whoever is in charge. Someone who shows that little extra might just get the edge. (ex. dropping a resume off and leaving VS handing it to the person in charge and giving them a brief chance to see who you really are instead of them just reading another resume). Im sure everyone has heard this one... FOLLOW UP! We just hired a new employee and he called back a few times after he dropped of his resume which really helped him. I remember hearing something like this " *Dave* called back again asking if the position was still available... Hmm I don't quite remember everything about him, let me just find and re-read his resume".
  12. Oh and I think it goes without saying, but dress up a little! I don't think I've clothed myself nicer/ fancier then the times I've been unemployed... I was lookin' fine as fuck strollin' down the street handing out resumes. :)

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