its shit like this.....

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. ... that makes me feel even more fuckin worthless than i already am. I was with this girl all day havin a lovely fuckin time, kissin n huggin n all that fun shit. it was me n her, and my friend nick n his girl, n we were all just chillin down the river, then some fucked up shit happened

    these kids i know come down n are fishing and smokin bud, n we go over n talk n she's smokin with em. i get in the car with nick n his girl n drive back further into the woods (since our origional plans were to have some group fuck action) n i hop out the car so they can start doin there thing n the girl i was with is still over wit these kids doin whatever, so i jus go sit by myself on a log thinkin she gonna get done smokin their bud n come back to me.

    never happened, the one kid was fishin and her and the other kid get in his truck n drive back into the woods. so i got left all by my fuckin self.

    and this further adds to the theory that god hates me cuz this shit happens all the time. something good happens, and then something 3 times worse happens the same day, its like i have really bad karma but i dont do anything to get it

    like today, i finally got a job, n then i got left by myself

    i don know how much more of this kinda shit i can take, i been toughing it out for 19 years, dont know if i'll see 20
  2. holy shit were gonna group fuck!?
  3. damn can do it..your time will come..God works in mysterious ways
  4. Well that rly sucks but its not ur fault man. Dont get mad at urself over it.

  5. you know what i think?


    n it aint that i'm hatin myself for it, its just that every fuckin girl i ever get with cheats on me, and nothing ever goes right for me

    i'm giving it 60 days, no more, no less, for some kind of fuckin miracle to happen where i dont wakeup everyday and say "i should kill myself today because my life is horrible"

    and if it does not happen, i will wakeup dead on the 61st day, u'd be amazed how painless of a death alcohol and diphenhydramine causes, first you fall asleep, then u go into a coma, then you die

  6. I hope it doesnt come to that. The waking up dead on the 61st day thing. By the way. How do you expect to "WAKE UP" "DEAD"? If you were dead you couldnt wake up. Just smoke some green, and chill.
  7. Dude... don't even get me into that. Watch How High... I think it, or one of the Scary movies... or something - where they have the 5 min long convo about "Waking up dead"

    anywho -

    Even if God hates you neg - fuck god....

    We still love you. So that's got to be worth something.
  8. cant smoke any green, its my 2nd day of sobriety to prevent prison time.

    and waking up dead is just a saying, cuz i'd fall asleep and die.

    u know whats odd, i wouldnt know about that if it wasnt for a paramedic telling me, n i actually did it the week before i was told on accident, 12 benadryls and 3 beers, 12 bens and 1 beer is enough to put you in a coma according to the paramedic, but i just wokeup after 4 hours of being completely white and non responsive

    i think gods plan was to make me unkillable except through extreme measures, such as a shotgun in my mouth, cuz he knows i'm to pussy to wanna watch myself die, so he figures he'll make me invincible to substances so i can suffer
  9. yeah i dont care can say fuck god..shjit
  10. Wait...sorry to be stupid but...
    Benadryls and beers is bad, shit I was going to get take like 16 and get drunk this weekend.
    So... I guess this is bad?:confused:
  11. yes, its fatal

    mixing alcohol with anything that puts you to sleep in high doses will kill you

    think elvis

    so ur welcome for sparing your life
  12. Wow, you seriously like saved me.
    Holy shit, thank you.

    Have some rep, I can't do anything else to thank you!:wave:

  13. See dude? If you would have been gone right there... that dude might have gone and eaten 16 Bens and had 3 shots and pulled a dirt nap.

    You save lives Neg!
  14. fo real man..that could would have died
  15. Hahah your a hero negligent!!

  16. yea, i try to help people whenever i can, and then god fucks me in the ass for it.... understand y i dont wanna live on this fuckup of a world?
  17. i understwand neg but you gotta keep on truckin on truckin can do it bro..say fuck tha world and live on
  18. sometimes i go thru periods of depression where i feel like ending it all because like seems so pointless and shitty.

    however, after i get over whatever i'm upset about, i am very glad i did not kill myself.

    i think after you move out and get passed the probation you will be happier.
    but please, go to college and get an education. that way you will make enough money that you can do whatever the fuck you want and you want have to take shit from anybody.
  19. shit ain't worth dyin' for buddy, it'll all work out, get the fuck out of that place man, come chill in illinois with me although i wouldn't be the best influence on your not smoking haha, but seriously, get a fucking job and save and get out of there start a new life fuck that shit man

    and on another note, what happend to that school to be a pharmacist
  20. Man, I've been searching for God for quite some time...

    If you find him, kill him.

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