Its Saturday.. whats happening?

Discussion in 'General' started by kiZi, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. New to gc.
    Anyways. What's going on with everyone tonight? Exciting.. or just relaxing. Share and see what us blades are up to.

    Atm. I'm with my friends smokin some bud playing some video games. Loser takes a bong hit & passes the remote.

    What's up blades?

    How are all of you tonight?
  2. Its sunday OP...
  3. I got gifted two medicated personal pizzas!!

    Im thinking of cooking it up in a bit and playing some fifa 15 with the homie
  4. my brother proposed to his long time girlfriend today, so thats pretty interesting 
  5. Yeah. It was like 1 am.. for some people in l.a it was earlier.
    That's nice. Have a wicked party when they get married.
  6. My friend spilled the last bit of my hangover weed all over the god damn carpet, so I'm recovering

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