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Its sad

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Smoker Face, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. The only weed i've experienced was schwag. I live in Louisiana and thats all i find, if its something better like Kush they say its hard to find so they sell it for 30 a g and I'm not paying 30 lol. I wish there was a better way.
  2. Straight line through Texas from Mexico.

    Seems like it would be out of the way for a lot of dank from other places too. Would explain the prices. You're best bet is going to be to find a close source to a local grower (or the grower) and get the best price you can on some dank. It's out there.

    Or grow your own.
  3. You can't be serious...Get some Louisiana Kush!!!!!!!!!! Its bomb as fuck. Look harder blade its there man
  4. I've never heard of it. I'm a newbie anyways. I just started smoking about a month ago.
  5. Perhaps asking around may provide some answers?
  6. start thinking about a grow man, you can do it for well under 200 bucks.

  7. Dont worry dude. Youll meet new contacts through your current contacts. Most people who sell bud have someone they get dank from every now and again. See if you can make some friends, and if you hear about a dank dealer, get hooked up by someone he already knows, then get his digits.
  8. Yea thats what i'm doing. Just talking to friends and stuff about their hookups. I can't grow because i live with my mom and she wouldn't approve of it in her house or on her property. I just talked to my friend that I've been going to school with since the 5th grade and he knows someone thats selling cali mid grade something for $10 a gram. My friend wouldn't lie to me so it seems pretty legit.
  9. Ugh, first off dont smoke schwag, it's horrible. Second off, look for some middies, it's pretty cheap, and depending on the quality, pretty close of a high to dank if you don't have the money for dank, that's always an option. Keep looking for other dank dealers too, you are bound to find one that sells dank for a price that isn't rediculous. :p Good luck my fellow blade! :bongin: :D
  10. Im from new orleans and i have like 4 hook ups for dank and 2 hooks up for mids.
    my dank hookup is $20/g or $60/8th and mids is $60/oz
  11. yea i just found one for $10 a g for mids so im good lol.
  12. That's basically how my hook up was found. Only it was my husband who knew somebody who knew somebody. It wook me a couple of months of really looking, but it paid off soon enough.

    Patience, grasshopper, and good buds will come. :smoking:

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