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Its Raining outside, Im blazing inside. WBU?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RollinindaRoyce, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Whats up guys. So wildwill if you come on here and move this thats fine. Im just in my garage smoking some bowls and watchin youtube videos and its raining outside. I am a little high and thought "I wonder what my fellow GC members are doing and what thier weathers like?" SO whats your weather like and where are you. Also what you toking with. Im currently using my Blue Dot beaker bong that i soon hope to upgrade with a 6 arm downtstem once i sell my 5 footer. And i attached my 8 slit inline. All 14mm joints. And my new bowl "Rainbowfish" So how about you?
  2. Listening to ratatat still waking up. Nice outside compared to yesterday. Bout to go down to the headshop and get a new bowl. Wanna break it in by a lake or something.

    [ame=]RATATAT - PARTY WITH CHILDREN - YouTube[/ame]
    Watch this. Allow the bird take you away to a better place.
    1:45 LOL WTF
  3. I don't understand, if you KNEW I was going to move this, why not post it in Apprentice in the first place?
  4. Yeah sorry bout that. IM really not sure why i posted it there. Just think it might get more views i guess. Sorry man.
  5. we were supposed to get alot of rain today, but its not raining.
    and im dry at the moment, so i'm not blazing.
  6. Got the egyptian revolution goin on outside, I've been stuck at home smoking hash for the past 3 days...

    Good times
  7. It's raining and I can't smoke :( I hate living with parents
  8. Not raining outside. Out of smoke. Woke up to dad bitching at me about how when my grandma dies I'm going to be homeless cuz he won't let me go stay with him. I'm 21 years old, but I receive room and board from my gma in trade for taking care of her. He tells me I'm a drug addict and I'm ruining everyone's in our family lives, etc etc. You know- the us' (yewj aka usual)
    Wish I had bud to take the pain away, but I don't so I'll suffer another day.

    Edit: Was that a reply you were looking for?
    and, it's cold outside, mildly snowing on and off.
  9. Wondering the exact same thing.
  10. Don't get me wrong, I love staying inside when it's raining and watching a good movie or something...
  11. I'm kickin' back with my broad watching the games, smoking from my latest pickup, which is ridiculously unique - weirdest weed i've ever had but blows me away each and every time.

    My girl just got me some ice cream topped with vanilla yogurt and chocolate sauce :3
  12. It is actually fairly warm and sunny out today here, but i've been doing homework since I woke up a few hours ago. Oh, and I always blaze inside here.
  13. Well i just got a MFLB today and my brother is home. so im vaping in my room watching the rain out my window
  14. raining outside in west LA, hitting my buddha and enjoying some football and the raconteurs awwww chyeah
  15. Laying in bed watching it snow and some south park. Im using my little spoon but a bong would be nice.

  16. Ratatat is amazing. That is all.
  17. I wish It was raining. It's semi cloudy sunny . It sucks I hate sun.

    I'm at work using my mflb while watching porn on laptop.
  18. kinda cloudy and cold outside, so i'm just sitting at home smoking some shiskaberry. using a pretty cheap bong, but it works. hoping to upgrade later as christmas gift to myself. :smoke:

    i do have to go out later, though. picking up an eighth of jean guy. :)
  19. jus woke up, brushed my chops & now watchin Horrible Bosses wit my bong ..

    Happy Sunday !!
  20. Yeah thanks. And sorry man thats shitty. Im trying to find work right now. Hate not having money for buds all the time. And wanna uprgrade my glass.

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