It's proven, it is a curse

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  1. Yup, my whole life has led up to this point. I am a Walking, Talking example, of being in the friend zone in every aspect. Even in relationships, it's like I get demoted back into the friend zone. I haven't had one good relationship in four years. haven't got laid in three :(

    Seriously, fuck my life. I do everything for the girls who do come around, I basically take them from their feet and dissolve all their problems for the time being, but I can't get a single piece of payback. I cant get one good moment to share the intimacy. I am fucking cursed, ever since I the first time I grasped the first pair of tits, after that, I've been FUCKED. Hooray, now you can say you know somebody whose stuck in the friend zone for eternity. :mad:

    Fuck I feel so emo.
  2. next time one asks for your advice be like "you want to know my advice" the girl "yeah" then you say "suck on my hard cock". Worth the shot bro.
  3. What if I cum too quick, forget to tell her, she chokes on it and dies? How does that look?
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    Looks like one can't be in the friend zone if the friend no longer exists.


    Don't do things and expect a pay back. I could see someone using you just for that fact.
    Then again I don't know the full situation so this advice is most likely pointless.
  5. LMAO!
    if you are always in the friendzone than it's because you are doing something wrong. change what you're doing, or you will continue to always be in the friendzone. simple as that.
  6. From a girl's pov:

    Girls will use you if they know they can.
    And sometimes being the nice guy all the time can backfire.

    Get out, have fun, be a little daring, mysterious.
    Tell us what you want...

    Curiosity keeps us around...
  7. Don't be the nice guy who is basically a doormat.

    When a girl says, "Help me on some dramatic problem about some dude." you say, "I don't really care.".

    Yeah, it's kinda dickish, but you can't just take it all.
  8. this is something i've realized pretty recently.
    i'm guessing your the kinda guy who if a girl is upset you'll try and get her to talk to you about it and help her with it. like you wont just offer to help, but you'll keep trying to help even if she says no at first, and you probably want to know everything and talk about everything. don't.
    you don't have to be an asshole, if a girl seems upset offer to talk to her, if she says no, don't press it anymore than that. if a girl wants to talk about something go ahead and talk to her, but you don't necessarily have to tell her absolutely everything, and you don't always need to try and talk to her about everything. you also don't always need to know every little thing about her, and she doesn't need to know every little thing about you.
    hopefully that will help. oh and i'm guessing you already know this, but if you are with a girl make sure your trying to be physical with that girl, sexually. take charge occasionally, or maybe more than occasionally. if your not doing that then you are putting yourself in the friendzone.

  9. This is your problem. Girls don't want a therapist. You shouldn't do everything for girls that come around. It's gonna make you look weak and desperate. Hang out with girls but don't be their lap dog. Be your own guy. Don't hang out with a girl every second. Have a life of your own. Be a challenge for them. Girls like that.
  10. dude don't let social conditions perpetuate your desire to have sex unless you want to give up your position as excitable in the near history where nobody is interested enough to look you up

    but otherwise find some girl and treat her nicely
  11. How does it look from my point of view? It looks like a guy making excuses for not changing, that's how it looks.

    Remember that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. Something has to change, so it might as well be the very thing you have some control over; you.

    I'm not going to sit here and tell you what you're doing is wrong per se, it's just not working for you. As others have pointed out, those who will take advantage of you will, almost every time. You sound like the nice guy that women can easily can come talk to about their problems. Perhaps you should look towards one of them to return the favor. Maybe they'll be willing to listen to what you're wanting and needing and/or looking for, and be able to help you out.

    Good luck with it. Things will turn around.
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    you cant make someone love you, you can only make yourself someone who can be loved

  13. Truth. If you don't like the results you're getting then try a different process.
  14. This is all good advice, but some of you do have it wrong. I am helpful and all but not all the time. I agree I may be too helpful every now and then, it's just I feel all the girls who I come into contact with, are basically the same person, just a different body. As if the same outcome replays because I am stuck to this one type of person. Idunno if that makes sense but that's the best way to put it.

    I just keep beating myself up over the fact that this shit spans out into different areas too. I guess growing up under a parole-like system and basically teaching myself mostly everything I can do up to this point is a factor because I may feel maybe it's just the way shit happens. Like it's always the same issues and problems that fuck up most of my relationships, I don't mean I'm in the friend zone as they treat me like shit, no, I mean it's like being with her but basically only because it was all good then all of sudden, life apparently smacks her in the back of the head and Bam, me and her have a fight which escalates. This is where I would do what some of you guys said up there and change but it's not really a concern of change, it's more of who really isn't playing games or not getting the concept of actually having a relationship. Honestly, I'm fucking tired of getting with girls who seem pretty awesome after awhile, then it goes on to the point where your dating then all of a sudden, it must stop because of some stupid reason which was easily no brainer of a fix.

    Fuck, I don't know, I just swear that the curse is me always getting the girls who can't seem to figure out common sense, and it's always the one and not anyone else. There's always going to be one girl in that crowd that magically finds her way towards me and I towards her and then it all restarts. I swear thats how shit fucking goes. Honestly, I am living my life, I have changed. I was a prick for a kid and a dumb teen but I changed and thought I found a few girls I can finally kick it with but it always turns out the same. I have got a few who were down to do a few things sexually, but never go the whole way. I understand the first chick because it was her first and I wasn't in the right mind to stick around so I did what I could and left on good terms just so she wastes her time on somebody who is fishing, basically. That's just another thing that makes me believe I'm cursed, I also get girls who go nuts thinking of having sex. Like it is probably the most forbidden thing to do. Well, Whatever, I want to just find a chick who can smoke with me, can actually kick it with me and who can give me some fucking trust. That's all I want, I'm not bending over backwards for them but I do treat them like no other. Sometimes I forget that shit like that doesn't count for anything much nor is it a recognizable commodity. Well, whatever, thats it..

    I live my life the way it should go, the way I want it to go. I don't oblige by a quote nor somebody's request, It speaks the way it should, acts the way it should and it thinks the way it, Works. Fuck all else.
  15. Whenever a girl ask me for any relationship advice or anything relating to that, i just say "Oh , I don't even know but what you tryna do right now"
  16. Nah man, when they ask you for advice you jus look at em n say the only advice you'll be given is to get in your whip and come home with you, have some crazy sex and decide if her mans worth it after a night of playin. 50/50 on slap/success lol.

    And it sounds like op needs to learn to be a bit of a prick. Make em wonder if your heads in it, they like the uncertainty n the challenge. Woman is forever trying to "fix" man, and man jus wants some peace and quiet, with a slice of somethin cute on the side of course.
  17. I agree with most of the advice given...

    Sounds like you are not just in the "friend zone" but the extra special "Doormat Friend Zone" lol

    Its terrible.. i used to have guy friends that would just help me with shit but I knew I'd never sleep with - even told them despite their advances. Eventually it got uncomfortable for me and I stopped talking to any guys who just had that "I want to do shit for you so you might sleep with me one day" feel about them.

    Sure its nice to do things for the ladies, but there is a line between being a friend who is there for someone and does a favor and being a doormat.

  18. Problem^, my advice be less available and more dickish
  19. well having friends that are girls is a good thing, they might hook you up with a girl they know.

    but yeah I've learned that being nice to girls won't make them attracted to you. not saying you should not be nice.

    but i've seen guys that try to be a girls best buddy and that doesn't work to get her to become your girlfriend or whatever.

    if you think a girl likes you then you should ask her out on a date not spend hours talking to her before you have even dated her.

    girls won't think omg that guy is so nice and helps me with all my problems I want to sleep with him.

    I think you not talk about anything personal with a girl until after you have asked her out and are dating her.

    at least what I think but wtf do I know I suck at getting girls lol.

    you're probably not as bad as me. i've only dated 2 girls and i'm 24 and h aven't had anything long term.

    I don't even meet girls to be placed in a friendzone lol.

    also one more thing I think if you meet a girl and you think she likes you, you have to ask her out asap or if you wait too long she might lose interest and place you in the friendzone.

    I think this happened to me there was a girl I had a huge crush on and I had signs she liked me but I waited like one year lol to finally get the balls to ask her out and by then she stopped showing me signs that she was interested and I got rejected.
  20. there is no time limit on asking a girl out before being put in the friendzone

    i've said it a million times but a lot of people just don't pay attention.

    you're either going in the friend zone or you aren't - there's no time frame, there's no set of actions to keep you out, etc... etc... ad nauseum..

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