Its Paul here!

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  1. Hi its Paul from tokin daily! It has been duely noted that I am a forum browser. I was on GC a couple weeks ago just surfing through when I came across a thread about tokin daily. I had no idea that my series had been watched so much through the GC community. So now I have retired from my forum browsing state and I have officially joined Grasscity.

    So I just want to say hi, and give me some feedback on tokin daily. It will be greatly appreciated.

    Stay Stoney everybody! :smoke:
  2. watch your vids every day man
  3. Thanks bro, I love to hear shit like that. Let's me know I'm respected in the stoner community
  4. Hah... your kief collection is the shit bro. It made my fucking jaw drop haha..
  5. I'm proud of it too, I'm actually loving GC at the moment. It's a great community, I'm surprised I haven't signed up sooner.
  6. Hey there and welcome to the City! :wave:

    Be sure to check out our posting guidelines (they're easy to follow!) because a clean city is a happy city! :)

    I don't know that I'm familiar with your work, Paul. You on YouTube or something? Post a link and I'll be sure to check it out! :hello:
  7. I'm jealous of your dank Colorado buds, I live in a state just next to you (Oklahoma) and all we have is schwagg and mids :( oh well I guess we can't have everything we want
  8. Yeah, the bud in Colorado is the shit.

    Colorado FTW
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    Just go to YouTube and type in tokin daily. It will be the first thing that pops up. He does an episode every single fuckin day and it's great
  10. Welcome Paul, I like watching your episodes you seem very cool. :wave:
  11. Hi paul, I really have no idea who you are
  12. How do we it's really u Paul?
    Wat if ur a troll?
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    The guy IS NOT PAUL TOKIN. A troll
  14. Elementary, my dear Watson.

  15. wtf is this shit?

    not even going to get into all of the rest of the retardedness with that post. haters, fakers, and the posers....mods, dont you have the software to tell you when multiple accounts are accessed from the same computer? im using a laptop belonging to a buddy right now, but ifn you could let me know who is trying to impersonate me id appreciate it. will give a gc shoutout in reward as thanks.

    as to the rest of the commenters in the thread....cheers! if you are unfamiliar with my work, here is my episode from yesterday. [ame=]YouTube - tokin daily: the hitman turbine.[/ame]

    when it comes down to it, i am just a stoner with a video camera. i try to have fun with that and i dedicate a little portion of my day to making sure i put up a video sometime before the end of the day(mile high time)
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    Hey paul!

    Hows it going man, this guy didn't hack or anything like that. He just created an account similar to your name, and said he was you. He's just being a troll.

    I called him out.

  17. i didnt say he hacked. ive done my time modding boards, i know the ins and outs of what kind of information is available. i know that if somebody wanted to find out his alt they could. not worried, but always curious. (':
  18. Ahhh i get what you mean now. That would be a great idea, because i know for a fact the mods can find out. Im curious as well :D
  19. OMG :hello: I get high while watching your videos everyday :D I didn't know you were on grasscity to you mentioned you were on many forums on your 1000th episode last night. You make the greatest youtube smoking channel, all the others can only finish two videos or so a week, thanks for many hours of entertainment. So how big do you think your party will be friday? :bongin:

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