Its only legal to smoke in 10% of Nevada..

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  1. 90 percent of Nevada is owned by federal government.

    The rumor is the territory of Nevada was made a state illegally, which make sense.
    Who in there right mind would give 90 percent of the territory away ?

    Straight up Nevada is loaded with gold, to the tune of 50 billon per year of gold mining or production.
    The Carlin trend is the riches gold deposits in the world ..
    At one time Nevada produced 60 % of the worlds gold, and all these mineral deposits where just given away.

    It takes 60.000 people to vote a territory to become part of the united states .
    When the vote took place there was only 44.000 in the territory.
    Good old Abe pushed the vote to get reelected.
    That means every government and state employee has zero authority in the territory of Nevada .........

    Personally I think the whole country was sold out shortly after our Government was formed.
  2. I personally think this country is ran by those who are incapable of human empathy. A lot its voters are as well.
  3. I never knew it took 60,000 people to become a state.
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  4. I’m hella glad I live within the 10%

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  5. You sure dodged a bullet there.(maybe even literally who knows lol?)
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  6. Dude,
    I literally live within the borders of the Ponderosa
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  7. I just figured out why that map never looked right. It's because the army told me the top is always north.
  8. Didn't Nevada used to have "Silver State" on their license plate?
  9. Yes and still is called the silver state. the miners back then didn't know that they were throwing away or standing microscopic gold until 1962.
    The largest silver mine is just out of lovelock NV, right next to where OJ Simpson was being incarcerated.

    Carlin trend
    History of the Carlin Trend

    All mining operations in the USA is considered federal property or is under federal law regardless if MJ is legal in that state ........................
    All venders are subject to on the spot drug tests once they are on the mine site.
    Meaning they still drug test for THC regardless if you work for the mine or not.
  10. Newmont mining is the largest land owner in nv with ranching and the Carlin trend.
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    Part of the Carlin trend, Barrick gold bar Freeport , FMC, and many more mining companies have mining the Carling Trend.
    Yes you are correct, I worked for Newmont and for many years and was a vender to most of the mining companies in northern Nevada.
    The ranch was called the TS ranch and it was started because Barrick and Newmont had no place to pump the water that flooded there pits and underground operations .
    Barrick's dewatering program pumped a million gallons of water per minute for 7 years.
    Newmont Gold quarry was pumping pretty close to the same amount of water.
    60 square miles of dessert turned into farm land and started there own herds of cattle thus starting the TS ranch

    There are very few mines in Northern Nevada I haven't been on the property.
    When I worked for Newmont they were the largest gold mining company in the world.

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