it's only 2 plants..

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  1. okay i have 2 plants, 2 different strains (northern light, purple haze) that are about 4 weeks into veg.

    all of a sudden my girlfriend wants me to get rid of the plants. she's known i was going to do this for months, i asked her if she was okay with it, she always said yeah. i haven't had any odor issues or anything of the sort. I asked why did you even let me start if you weren't comfortable with it? she didn't think I was serious. which is kinda bullshit, I mean it took me 2 months to order all of the stuff I needed for it :mad: never said a word, until now.

    she says the paranoia is getting to be too much. lol if she only knew how paranoid I AM. but i hide it (this only came up a couple days AFTER i asked her to buy some nutrients. she had agreed to do that because i paid for everything else.)

    can anyone come up with legit reasons as to why she should chill out? so far i've told her a few; no one ever comes over here, the landlord never comes, there's basically no odor, and i haven't told anyone (well.. except for grasscity.) i've also told her i researched busts for weeks, and every one i read about was because either they told someone and the police got a tip, or they were trying to grow like 40 lbs of really dank weed in their basement/attic.

    that's about all i've thought of but if any of you blades can think of anything else i can say to help me get her to chill out... well, i'll be thankful :p
  2. I abandoned my grow on the 6th week of flowering when me and my girlfriend decided to brake up , I was more than sure she not going to rat me out ,but when she left in tears first thing I did is to kill the plants and remove them from my property, I did not want to take any chance. Everything turned out to be fine, we got back together , but I think I did the right thing ,small chance is still a chance....
  3. What is she paranoid about ? Getting caught? By who?
    I doubt any law enforcement will go out of their way to bust you for 2 plants, unless its like your mom ...
  4. My advice would be to smoke her up, chill and talk about it rationally.

    Just sit down and have a frank talk about her fears and your fears vs the benefits of home growing. Just encourage her to air everything and approach the situation with an open mind. Re-assure her that you wont get mad if she tells the truth.

    Maybe also explain that if you do want to keep smoking weed, it may be safer to grow it for personal use than to go to a dealer (who could be heat) and transport it around.

    I've had girls come and go, and I will always smoke pot. But that doesnt mean I will always pick a pot over a girl.. At least in the short term :p
  5. First, take your balls back from out of her purse. Second just talk to her about it and tell her how you've covered all your bases [I hope you have], how it's easier and safer to grow than to be driving around to get bud. Long as you and her keep quiet about it, keep smell under control and simply have common sense nothing should go wrong. This isn't a real statistic but I believe at least 95% of busts have to be from someone not being able to keep a secret.

    What I find really cold is how she waited until you had everything set up to want to shut the whole operation down. I mean what is that all about. Cops aren't going to be going out of their way to bust someone for 2 plants that probably won't even become that huge, you'd have to give them a reason to bust you.

  6. lol @ the balls statement.
    I have to agree with your statistic, I think in my OP I said all the articles online were almost always through a tip. We had a bust in February in my city the guy had 12 indoor plants.. stupid guy was growing at his house while on probation. I guess his probation officer went to his house for something and they found all the plants, don't think the dude was at home. But had he not been on probation and growing in his own home he probably would've had a good chance at getting away with it.

    anyway I did resolve my problem, for now anyway. last night I put an order in for my nutes while she was sitting there and she didn't say a word.

  7. you know what you just did? lol. you basically said to "deceive the bitch" but in good words. LMFAO

  8. if he wasn't home. how in the hell did the probation officer even get into the house? if he just "walked" in or was he let in by someone, but that also wouldn't make sense because if the guy is not there , why does the officer need to go in? there's something not right here.
  9. Maybe your girlfriend told someone and she's trying to get you to take them down in case that person goes to law enforcement. I don't know about your girl but I know if I told my girlfriend I grew she would tell anybody and everybody. Hell she told me her dad was growing in the back yard and that was hard to keep from people

    Edit: I don't think she would tell anybody in a way to try to sabotage you. Its just hard to keep something like that inside and stuff slips sometimes
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    So what's your new girlfriend's name?

    Edit: Seriously, dude. I'm 49, and all I've learned is that life is too short for irrational bitches.

    Do NOT explain how you've covered all your bases, etc...if she was worth a shit she'd see that. Instead explain that the big rectangle with the knob on it is called a door, and go from there.

  11. Probation Officers don't have to follow all the same rules that law enforcement does. As usual terms of your probation, they can check in on you at any time they want whenever they want, and that means poking around or searching your house if they want, without a warrant or reason.
  12. I'm no therapist man, but it sounds like your communication with your girl is almost non-existent. I learned the hard way that sometimes achieving a healthy communication isn't possible with a given girl, and it simply isn't going to work. I am not saying thats your case, but its something to think about. I would never let a girl in on a secret that COULD land me in jail unless I really trusted her or had dirt on her to keep her quiet. I recently had my heart totally broken by the girl I thought was my soul mate, I know how hard it is to think clearly when *they* are involved (she knows I'm starting to grow, luckily she would never say a word plus I have my card so I'm not AS paranoid).

    Whatever you do, don't run your life based on her, not saying don't listen, but if you are clear with yourself then as a grown man you should stick to your decision or you'll hate yourself later. No matter what happens its not worth getting busted over though, be careful man and good luck. Sometimes there is just NO convincing a girl that something is alright.
  13. This is how I would do it. "Why, did you tell somebody about them?" If yes politely ask her to find the exit and take down your grow for a month or two. If no tell her you're growing some dank frosty nuggets.
  14. Risky situation for sure,2 or 20 plants will get you the same thing in alot of states.If its your first time in any major trouble,you would get off with less time usually.
    Tough decision you are in..women love to talk..and hard to keep secrets.It might be best to get rid of them unfortunately.For myself,I would not grow with anyone around that I couldn't trust.
    Im older now,I live alone,nobody visits.,but im a loner too now.Also with a good neighborhood rep,I no longer party n everyone knows it.I have a great setup as long as I keep quiet.
    You may want to wait until a better time n situation,or grow some out in the woods somewhere.

  15. Believe me if we didn't live together she wouldn't have a CLUE as to what I'm doin right now. it's hard to hide a grow in a 2 bedroom apt when you live with someone who could go through your shit if they really wanted to.
    after this harvest I'm taking a break though, cuz we are having issues.. she wants to stay in indiana to go to college, where I wanna get the hell out of Indiana and to a medical marijuana state. (i'm not being a dick I don't mind her wanting to go to school, but why not somewhere like michigan, colorado, california etc) she just doesn't get why I like to smoke so much.. it's not just recreational use to me, it helps with medical issues I have as well. she tokes but not nearly as long or as often as I have.
    To me it's bad enough having a majority of the population act like i'm a fucking criminal because I wanna smoke a plant, I don't need that shit at home :)
    • cops don't give a shit about 2 plants..unless someone makes it a public case
    • tell her you've kept your mouth shut about the plants so nobody knows
    • ask her if she's been telling people about the plants?
      • if so get rid of plants
        • replace GF
    • :confused:
    • smoke up!:hello:
  16. i'm young , i won't say my age but that sir was mighty fine wisdom! :cool:

  17. That fine wisdom came with a lot of scars - so I hope someone listens :)

    Cheers, brother blades.
  18. pussy or bud... pussy of bud... mmmmmmmmm
    Just have a chat with her about the whole ordeal, find some common ground and work from there, choose your words wisely to get what you want, because both pussy and bud are better than pussy or bud ;)

  19. Pussy and Bud .:cool:

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