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It's official: I'M OFF PROBATION!!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by DaComeUpCat, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. That's fuckin bullshit man.. Fuck that cop for that one, I hope he gets his..
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    Ain't it? I even asked the judge to throw it out, fucking greedy ass said no I'm afraid I can't do that..boy I was mean mugging ready to beat his ass but then I thought about going back to jail and I said naw. Not today. I still got another 6 months of P.O. and I already did my community services...the things is, all you see is beer cans all around in the state of Texas and while I was picking up beer cans, one huge fucking black widow spider somehow crawl on my tshirt then I slap that motherfuckin off me then stomped it. I said "HOLY FUCK!" I should of been a spiderman kicking that judge ass!

  3. haha spiderman

    man fuck that judge.. my judge was a prick too.. good luck on the rest of you probation though bro.. stay strong!!

    but shit since I been on probation, that's how my room is looking now: beer cans all over this bitch.. lol I can't wait to grab some bud tomorrow from my boy and then kick it with my girl and smoke for the first time since being off..

    man it's gonna feel so good being high with no worries of going back to jail..
  4. In the words of Nas:

    Celebrate like you finished probation boy boy!
  5. Hell yeah I know the feeling, I appreciated your advice man I'm trying to stay strong but being sober ain't never easy shoo

  6. lol that's what I'm finna do bro bro!!

    I feel you dude, but trust me you can do it.. and if you should slip up and fill your lungs with smoke, just drink about a gallon of water and piss at least 3 times before each check in to dilute your urine in case they test you. Better safe than sorry..
  7. Got arrested for weed and put on probation for a year. The day i was supposed to get off i failed a piss test and had to go back to court. Got another year and got put on intensive supervision. Got arrested with weed again while on intensive supervision and got another year.. Shit sucks man. :(
  8. It's offical...

    OP is Jeffrey.
  9. holy fuck that is harsh man. congrats on being off. The laws in your state are insane I got caught at school with a half zip and just had to do a 3 day program at another school and a ticket. Guess I got off easy
  10. con grads....i bet your eyes opened alot during that time.
    i remember my last visit. it was quick. went in, saw my po, he said good luck and i was back in my car with a sweet in hand. as soon as i turned around from the corner, i was sparking
    fuck probation

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