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It's Official: Debt Tops $20 Trillion for First Time; Jumps $317,645,000,000 in 1 Day

Discussion in 'Politics' started by well highdrated, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. re-read that tweet. where does it say he did anything to cause it? he was simply making an observation.
  2. Good thing you're 'round here clarifying Trump's intentional ambiguity. Do we know yet if the 1 million dollar donation is from Trump's personal money? Or does that chad still dangle?
  3. His original tweet was only to show his supporters how "brilliant" he is. No it was not accurate and yes it was completely misleading. Trumpsters ate it up though.

    Now that he sided with Dems. to continue raising the limit by 317+ billion, you're still looking for a way to justify that. And you can't. I am amazed that to many it's still not clear that he's playing his own game, and consistently going against the promises he made to you.

    It has very little to do with hurricane relief, which is planned for about 15 billion, but rather to fund entitlement programs, which y'all hate so much.

    One needs to have a tiny bit of understanding of finances and how the current system works in general to discuss this topic. All I'm reading is a bunch of nonsense... on one hand you are praising Trump for yet another "brilliant" strategic move, while complaining about the very same issues, when dems favor them.
    Only in your universe these two polar opposites can exist as both positive signs of the current presidency.
    Not that I expected any different ....
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  4. thats just not true. they negotiated the ceiling being lifted in order to pave the way for more money to texas and florida. Where did I praise him for a "brilliant move" where did I say that? I didn't. He has to cross party lines to get shit done, obviously.
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  5. also, I never said I agreed with the debt ceiling being raised, did I? Nope. Not at all, I just pointed out some pretty major things happening in this country right now that could have certainly led to an increase. To brush off these disasters as having no impact is just silly man. For real.

    I don't like the debt ceiling at all. I think its stupid. Repubs cling to it like its some kind of check or balance but its not, because at the end of the day they want to get paid too. So they are gonna fund the government, of course.
    As far as the entitlement programs, I realize they cost a lot. I'm glad you do to. Kind of counter-intuitive to sit here at blame those same entitlement programs that so many of us have rallied against isn't it? You think we didn't know that they are expensive? Of course we do!
    Trump didn't have a choice. What do you propose he does? Its not like he is the one who started those entitlements you are speaking of, so by your OWN ADMISSION, trump isn't responsible for this mess anyways, right?
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  6. I thought he had a weather wizard?
  7. well yes, of course. I was talking about the debt mess though. He probably has a debt wizard too though, naturally.
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  8. naturally, yes
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  9. Awesome math here ... 15 billion allocated to FEMA vs 317 billion increase in debt. (4%).
    Seems about right.

    Poor baby trump had no choice, but to accept the deal with Democrats. Mind-blowing logic.

    Forget the continuation of the war in Afghanistan
    Trump’s Afghanistan troop increase adds to $1 trillion in war costs

    Forget the non-existent tax reform, which is estimated to cost 3-7 trillion over the next decade.
    How Much Will Trump's Tax Plan Cost?

    Clearly it's "bad weather" that's making trump fail again.
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  10. it isn't as if the mango moron has filed bankruptcy a few times and doesn't pay up on contracts...
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  11. I HATE Twitter so much!
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  12. Yeah Baltimore is like the ass end of America. Not even, it's more like an infected hemorrhoid on the ass end of America. :laughing:
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  13. He's had businesses that he filed bankruptcy on, that's not the same thing as a personal bankruptcy that most people are familiar with.

    I've seen people use that deceptively too many times.
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  14. so you are gloating that liberal policies are so expensive and overbearing they literally control the economy and forced the presidents hand in this? That seems kind of.....crazy.
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  15. my fake news source what are you talking about? I can link it from someone other than nbc if you prefer. I used them for a reason though, it seems it may have done a flyby though.
  16. Ever consider who is liable for that debt?

  17. It doesn't matter who is liable it will never be repaid we owe 100 trillion in unfunded liability over the next 30 years
    We will all ride this ship down and only the strong will survive the aftermath
  18. Time for America to file bankruptcy...

    We don't owe another Nation jack shit...

    Bring your guns if you have a problem with that.

    "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace,
    whose mind is stayed on thee."
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