Its October....

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by boxoftom, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. I live in florida I was wandering if I could start outdoors in october..... In a 5 gal. bucket in the woods.....
  2. I would say no.. annual plants should be sown in the spring and harvested in the fall.. not planted in the fall.. you could do it.. but you'd probly get really shitty results...
  3. It would have no Vegatative state due to 12/12 hours of sunlight. So it would be tiny.
  4. Sounds good I can always wait I was just anxious :)
  5. I'm just gonna try it for the hell of it.... cause i have like 60 bag seeds so I put 4 in to germinate and We'll see what happens.....
  6. Wolnt work bro, serious waste of time and effort. Trust me just wait because the plants probably arent gonna do anything.
  7. Its florida and at the moment I cant see my girlfriend ( Cept When she Sneaks over) cause of recent trouble with her parents.... and have alot of free time so what the hell... I'll still get some expeirence with the general first stages of growth of the plant....
  8. yes you can still grow right now..
  9. ZInger is your last name elzinga? haha
  10. No clue where your getting your info, but yes it is quite late to start the grow season as already posted.
    Your plants are going to go right into flower, and arnt going to finish anyway as soon as that first frost hits, not to mention your survival rate on the sprouts is going to be quite shitty also do to cold and dry air at night.
  11. There is like 2 frost nights in florida a year. plus its just for fun I'm sure It will be a experience so I will post a link for some pics or something if anything does happen....
  12. Plus you can start a plant from 12/12. Clone or seed and it grows to the plant is mature then buds. If the weather is nice i would say do it.
  13. dude I live in south florida, and the coldest it ever gets here is 45-50 degrees, plus in the winter time there is even more sunlight, due to the lack of cloud cover in this season. Herb can withstand temps as low as 35 degrees, so I think you probably have a good shot, because i as well am growing right now. I got two mango bud sproutlings that are about 6 inches tall growing, and they are doing just fine so far. plus if their is a freak chance of a frost, just bring your little girls inside until it passes.
  14. yea i am thinking about doing the same after i harvest my regular season bud.:smoke:
    so any further info would be great for me as well :D
  15. exactly my point. i also live in sf.
  16. two of 3 sprouted after less than 24 hours of putting the germinated seed in the dirt. It's so cute. I can see a green stem looking thing on the third one hopefully tomorrows sun will pop it up.
  17. My favorite is the paper towel method. Yeah, they should sprout pretty quickly, and with good sun exposure grow pretty fast. just make sure they get atleast 6 hours a day at the minimum. By the way, if your in the south florida area you dont need to worry about a frost because we never get one.
  18. Yeah you know what im talking about then, you can grow all year round here.
  19. I may as well add that it doesnt even dip below 65 degrees until late january in south florida, so that means you have a good 3 1/2 months until any sort of "cold" weather comes. And I wouldnt even call the weather in the winter time here "cold".
  20. that makes no sense, all plants will have a vegitative state, it has to mature enough to show sex before its flowering left and right, if i throw a seedling outside it will veg roughly a month or so, no matter what light cycle its on. if your temperature stays warm enough its worth a try i guess, just dont get your hopes up


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