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  1. There was a REALLY horrible pit bull attack in our area on tuesday. This went WAY beyond the typical stuff you here about. It happened at a friend of mine's house, so I saw all the blood and mess and aftermath, but not the actual attack.

    Apparently the owners of these pit bulls left the windows open with the screens closed as it was a nice day and went to work. The pit bulls busted out the screens and decided to go for a walk. They made their way a few blocks down where they wondered into my friends front yard. Her schnauzer started barking at them from the window, and these dogs busted her screen in, chased her dog around in her house, caught it, and drug it back out the window and killed it in her front yard.

    There is blood six feet up on the walls in the house as well as outside on the siding. The pit bulls broke into the house, not the yard.
    Animal control caught both dogs and they are being put down.

    I wanna ask a few questions.... Knowing I'm gonna get lit up by all the pit bull owners.

    Most pit bill owners say " it's not the breed, its the owner". Is it just that the shittiest dog owners choose pit bulls? Or is it something more? You don't see this with other breeds the way you do with pits, why?

    For all of you who are gonna say it's not the breed, are you admitting that if this ever happens with your pit, you are a shitty dog owner? No, if this ever happens with your dog you will be saying "he never did anything like this before", right?

    Animal control went over and investigated the owners of these pits(4yrs old and a puppy), and found them to be good, kind, loving owners, so what happened?

    Is the real problem with pit bulls the foolishness of the owners who believe that with proper training and love they will suppress this particular breed's desire to kill?

    Sigfreid and Roy made that mistake with a tiger. Seems kinda similar to me.

    Leave the gun argument out of this. Guns don't break out of your house, wander down the street, break into someone else's house and kill something on their own.
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    It's not the breed it's the owners. I know many pit bull owners and they have the most loving amazing pits, because they are loved, showed attention and taken care of, just like my dog.

    First of all, the dogs shouldn't be put down, they didn't kill a human, they killed another dog... Animals kill animals all the time, it's life.

    And just because it was a pit bull that did this doesn't mean shit, any breed of dog would want to escape the house and go on their own walk, they seen another male dog and beat his ass.

    And dude, this isn't horrible at all, it was a dog fight.. Nothing serious at all, I thought a human was seriously hurt.

    When I was 1.5 years old, our house door was open and the neighbors dog just walked in from down the road, and I tried to pet it and it attacked me, My top lip was almost gone, hanging all the way off my face, attached by a tiny amount of skin. I had a really good plastic surgeon, and you can't even tell it ever happened.

    Our lawyer tried to get 1,000,000$ law suit for some reason, but I only got 45,000$. Which is still bank.

    Oh and the dog was a black lab. Just an example for you people that say no other dogs are mean.

    P.S for all we know , those pit bulls could have been minding their own buisness walking down the road, when that dog thought he was safe behind a screen, started talking shit(barking) to these pits and they were like yo, lets beat this dogs ass. lol.

  3. instead all it takes is pulling the trigger lol
  4. [quote name='"grasscitybadass"']It's not the breed it's the owners. I know many pit bull owners and they have the most loving amazing pits, because they are loved, showed attention and taken care of, just like my dog.

    First of all, the dogs shouldn't be put down, they didn't kill a human, they killed another dog... Animals kill animals all the time, it's life.

    And just because it was a pit bull that did this doesn't mean shit, any breed of dog would want to escape the house and go on their own walk, they seen another male dog and beat his ass.[/quote]

    So, if your dog, or your friends dogs ever do this.... Your a shitty owner, right?

    It was a female dog they killed, and they BROKE INTO another persons house to do it. This is OK how?
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    Do you realize what the fuck you are saying with your first sentence? To bad when nobody is here, my dogs are left inside, with all the windows open, and the door open to get to the porch ( done this for months) which they could easily jump off and kill our pet rabbit or duck. Or chase people on bikes, and they don't. You know why? Because my dogs got a lot of love, fed and watered and played with.

    And you make it sound like these dogs fucking broke open the door with a crowbar. THEY'RE DOGS, dogs come across other dogs and half the time they will fight, no matter what gender.

    Whoever had those dogs put down is an idiot.

  6. I don't know why you're capitalizing "BROKE INTO" as if the dogs should be held accountable for breaking and entering in a court of law. They're dogs, dude. :p

    I think in this case it was neglectful of the owners to leave the windows open. It was an honest mistake that anyone could make, but it was a still a mistake. If you have any breed of large dog, you should be aware of their potential to cause harm and take any appropriate measures to avoid that situation.

    We only come back to the "is it the breed or the owner?" question because it's a Pit Bull. There are many places around here that ban not only Pit Bulls but also German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Dobermans, and even Chow Chows as dangerous dogs.

    A Pit Bull can be dangerous, of course, like any large dog breed (with the exception maybe of those pussy Great Danes ;)) but I think their reputation is in large part a cyclical problem.
    Their negative reputation makes them appealing to thugs and jackasses who just want an intimidating dog and have no desire to properly train it, which causes more instances of Pit Bulls harming a person or pet, which continues to reinforce the negative reputation, which continues to make them appealing to thugs and jackasses, you see where I'm going with that. :p
  7. I get your point, and I was kinda trying to make the same one earlier. I realize it's not all pit owners, but it's a lot of them. There seems to be a failure to admit the danger these dogs pose by a great number of their owners, and that seems to lead to a lot of the problems. Also, in our area the marauding pit attacks outnumber those by any other breed by at least 10 to 1. It's not like there are just as many incidents with other breeds.

    On the B and E, I think in a case like this the owner, and not the dog should be charged with the crime. But in a case like this, how are you gonna insure that that dog never does that again other than life imprisonment or death? You can't, so those are the only two options. Do you give the dog back to that owner and just hope that next time it's not a child it kills?
  8. pits dont have any danger that any other large breed doesnt so wtf?

  9. But when it comes to bad (large breed) dog owners, I think there are more who own pit bulls than other breeds, because of the reputation they have. Which only furthers the problem. I'm not saying that's the whole problem, but I think it's a pretty good sized chunk of it.

    I don't think the answer is any kind of outright breed bans where dogs are getting killed just for being a Pit. Though something like mandatory training classes for large breed dog owners isn't something I would disagree with.

    Well, I don't think you can really charge a dog with a crime anyway. :p

    I think it would be a little silly to charge the owners with breaking and entering, but I'm sure they'll end up with a civil suit on their hands and have to pay for the damage done. Both regarding the house, and the loss of the neighbors pet.

    What should they do with the dogs? I don't know, that's a hard decision and I'm too stoned to try to decide the outcome of a life and death doggy trial right now. :hide:

  10. Closing the fucking window would be a good start if you arent even home. Sounds like a case of retarded owners that two dogs got killed for, quite sad. And if i was a pit bull, and one of those mop dogs started barking id rip its head off too. (just saying) Haha. But dogs fight all the time, animals kill animals all the time. I have a black german shepherd and she has never attacked a person. Closest thing to showing aggression was tackling my friend to lick his face. Haha. Scared the piss out of him though.
  11. that's terrible, shame on whoever left those dogs unattended. and no, it is NOT the breed that is violent. if a dog is violent and aggressive it is because of the way it was treated by humans. there is NO such thing as a "dangerous breed" and anybody who stereotypes pits as violent is a fucking idiot who deserves to be mauled by one.
  12. oh, and you're more likely to be attacked by a lab or a chihuahua than to ever be attacked by a pit bull. fact. you need to stop trying to hold these dogs responsible for "omg breaking and entering!" and other such shit because THEY'RE FUCKING ANIMALS. this is 100% the fault of humans, just like almost every animal attack.
  13. I do believe that some breeds are naturally more aggressive than others. Could that be the case for Pits?
  14. I would have to say its the dogs. I hear more stories about pitbulls then any other breed and it can't just be a couincident(probaly murdered the spelling on that).
  15. that's because those are the only stories you hear on the news. they tell stories about ~omg rabid pit bulls~ because they're more controversial. the "violent and aggressive" stereotype is not true. I have never met a bad pit bull. I knew a pit bull that was rescued from fighting and she was the sweetest dog in the world.
  16. i have two is actually a half black lab and half pit. they are the nicest dogs you will ever meet. my friends always joke around "if someone broke in, what are your dogs going to do, lick them to death???"

    OP, you need to clear your mind of this assumption you've made.

  17. [ame=]Pitbull Saves Woman In Domestic Fight - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=]Pit Bull scares away molester - YouTube[/ame]

  18. i also have a huge beatiful german shepherd. she has also never shown agression. she is so well mannered and a mooch out the ass.
  19. That sucks. I love pit bulls, but only because I had one years ago that was one of the best dogs I've ever had. He was abused as a puppy and I rescued him, never hurt anyone but sure did act tough.

    More often than not scumbags get pitbulls because they have a certain stigma attached to them. Scumbag owner, scumbag pet usually, but that's not always the case.

    I see more little dogs that are out of control than I do 'mean' breeds, but nobody cares because they're little. I don't know how many times I've shaken a shitty little shitzu or something from my jeans while im walking/skateboarding/just not in my car.

    Right now I have an english mastiff puppy and she's the sweetest, gonna be a huge lazy couchdog I think :p
  20. It's not the breed, these threads are dumb.
    Do you think only pitbulls are capable of attacking?
    I used to volunteer at the spca and a lot of those dogs have behavioral issues due to the way they were raised, which is at least partly why they're there.
    We don't know why the dogs broke out, maybe they had to pee and knew better not to do it inside (maybe cause it led to abuse? Idk, mine will per inside if no ones home)

    And yeah, most dogs will try to get into something the moment they see another dog.
    My fat shihtzu is so sweet but she thinks she's a badass. She'll bark at and chase anything and everything that moves and try to antagonize other dogs but she's not violent by any means. (Yeah, I compared shihtzus to pitbulls)

    Story similarly t sad o OPs happened in my old neighborhood except it wasn't a pitbull, it was a shepherd.

    Any breed can be raised to be violent or loving.
    Pitbulls just get painted as the most vicious STILL because of Mike Vick.

    Old dealer of mine had a pitbull that was trained so well, it could kill or save a life in a snap.
    They really do take on the personality of their owners.

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